Saturday, September 16, 2006

PUBLIC NOTICE: All Muslim Punjabis must vacate Balochistan immediately


KALAT, Balochistan – The crisis in Balochistan is escalating into a full-fledge “Baloch War of Independence” in Pakistani-occupied Balochistan due to the oppressive policies of the Pakistani military dictatorship of General Pervez Musharraf. The Punjabi-dominated Pakistani armed forces have launched ethnic cleansing in Balochistan against the ethnic Baloch people; they are systematically kidnapping, imprisoning and murdering Baloch nationals by the thousands.

The Baloch are resenting this Punjabi invasion and oppression, and retaliating with full vengeance. While defending themselves, the Baloch view all Muslim Punjabis in Balochistan as collaborators of the Pakistani occupying forces (which is a fair assessment regarding the role played by the majority of Punjabis in Balochistan), and henceforth, they are considered the enemies of the Baloch people.

In defense of Balochistan in this “Baloch War of Independence”, GOB (Exile) has instructed all Baloch nationals to consider any employee of the Government of Pakistan in occupied Balochistan as an enemy soldier no matter what their ethnicity (including Baloch loyalists) and engage in battle with them unless they surrender and are taken as prisoner of war. Since, the majority of the Pakistani government employees in Balochistan are Punjabis most of them are not required to wear any government-issued uniform, which may cause confusion for the Baloch soldier to differentiate government employees (enemy soldiers) from non-government employed civilians.

To minimize collateral damage and avoid civilian casualties, GOB (Exile) has issued the following Proclamation for all ethnic Punjabi Muslims in Balochistan to immediately leave Balochistan for the sake of their own safety. Due to the escalating ethnic tension created between the oppressed Baloch people and the arrogant Punjabi-dominated Government of Pakistan, the likelihood of any innocent ethnic Punjabi getting killed or injured will be increased significantly as the “Baloch War of Independence” progresses.


General Orders No. 002, KALAT, September 08, 2006

1. This General Order is for the purpose to eliminate the possibility of collateral damage in the “Baloch War of Independence” in Pakistani-occupied Balochistan.

2. All employees of the Government of Pakistan (including provincial government and semi-government organizations) who are working inside Pakistani-occupied Balochistan, whether they wear government-issued uniforms or not, are declared enemy soldiers, no matter what their ethnicity, religion, gender, and age. The Baloch soldiers will engage these enemy soldiers in battle until they surrender as prisoner of war. Thereafter, these prisoners of war will be treated in accordance with the Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War.

3. Majority of the Pakistani government employees in Pakistani-occupied Balochistan are ethnic Punjabis. Whenever they wear civilian clothing, it may cause confusion for the Baloch soldier to differentiate between a government employee and a civilian. Whenever and wherever a Baloch soldier may encounter an ethnic Punjabi, it may result in a deadly skirmish.

4. The Baloch soldier will take every possible measure to avoid collateral damage. But, due to high tension in guerrilla warfare, errors in judgment may cause death of the opponent.

5. To avoid unnecessary and accidental death of non-government population, especially the ethnic Punjabis, the Government of Balochistan in Exile orders all Muslim Punjabis to vacate Balochistan immediately for the sake of their own safety. Those Punjabis who defy this Proclamation are accepting the risk of staying in a war zone, implying their role as collaborators of the occupying forces, and assuming the responsibility of getting killed as enemy combatant or taken as prisoner of war by the Baloch soldiers.

6. Muslim Punjabi children under the age of 12 are exempt from this Proclamation.

7. All non-Muslim Punjabis and members of Ahmadiyya Muslim community are welcome to stay in Balochistan as long as they are not employees of the Government of Pakistan. To differentiate themselves from the Muslim Punjabis, the non-Muslim Punjabis and Ahmadiyya Muslims must carry at all times on their person a Pakistani passport or National I.D. Card (both of which requires the holder to be identified on religious basis, similar to the yellow armband with Star of David required of the Jews to wear during the Nazi era in Germany) and must present it to a Baloch soldier on demand.

8. It is the purpose of the General Secretary to warn all ethnic Punjabis in Balochistan on humanitarian grounds to the dangers of being present in a war zone, and given the opportunity to vacate Balochistan in a timely fashion without incurring any loss of innocent lives.

9. All Muslim Punjabis who have decide to leave Balochistan within 90 days will not be harmed as long as they hoist the Flag of Balochistan on their homes, businesses, vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, etc. and wear an armband depicting the colors of the Flag of Balochistan. For gaining safe passage out of Balochistan, they must hoist the Flag of Balochistan on their means of transportation.

10. All patriotic Baloch will use efforts to make this order effective.

By order of

General Secretary
The Government of Balochistan in Exile

Solution for a Free Balochistan : All Baloch convert to Hinduism

Solution to Balochistan : All Baloch

Baluchis are a fierce tribe. They are never subdued in their entire
history except in the last 50 years where they were made slaves of
Punjabis in the name of Pakistan.

Right now, it is fair to say that they are slaves of Punjabis. Their
land is not theirs. They cannot speak in their language in assembly.
If they speak in Baluchi language in "Pakistani parliament" the mike
would be switched off and they will be forced to speak in Urdu.

When all the tribal leaders were opposed to the merger of Balochistan
into Pakistan, only Akbar Khan Bugti put faith in Pakistan and was a
prime mover in Balochistan' s integration with Pakistan.

And Pakistan has paid its thanks to Bugti in the language only
Punjabis can understand.

Now all the tribes and clans of Balochistan are opposed to Pakistan.
They want freedom from Pakistan. But how to get it?

There are two ways for it.

One is the old way.

In this way, the Baluchis need to become gurilla fighters and take on
the might of the Pakistan army. It may result in freedom from Pakistan
or it may die down when all the Baluchi fighters are killed. All those
great fighters would die with the dream of free Balochistan which may
never be fulfilled. There are many such struggles going on all over
the world which are producing nothing but deaths for the youth.
Generations of children are wasted and death by massive military
machines are destroying the future for the youngsters. Rebellion
would be ruthlessly crushed by the might of Pakistani military machine
that is been constantly fed by the money that is produced in
Balochistan. We might lose around 60000 youngsters before reaching any
agreement with Pakistani army. Yet, there is no guarantee that there
will be free Balochistan. To our sadness, we might even see that the
entire baluchi tribes are wiped off the face of earth by this rebellion.

But there is another way. That is the peaceful way, but will surely
result in free Balochistan.

This is not the way of Gandhi. If Gandhi would appear in Balochistan,
Pakistan army would not think twice before shooting Gandhi in a point
blank and move on. Pakistani army would not respect Gandhi like
British did. That is not the peaceful way I am suggesting.

The way I suggest may make you uncomfortable and not willing to take
the leap. But in my opinion, it is much more preferable than the death.

The peaceful way is to become Hindus.

The entire edifice of Pakistan is built on the concept of Islamic
nation. The four provinces are tied together in the name of pakistan
because of Islam.

If entire population of Balochistan declares themselves as Hindus,
what right pakistan has over Balochistan?

It is not one person converting to Hinduism. It has to be entire
Balochistan converting to Hinduism. If entire Balochistan become
Hindu, then immediately Pakistan loses the reason for Balochistan to
be part of Pakistan. If few Baluchis convert to Hinduism, they would
be arrested and tried in Blasphemy courts. So the tribal leaders
should decide beforehand and announce together that entire Balochistan
adopting Hinduism. Then Pakistani govt cannot arrest entire
Balochistan, can they? If all the people of Angaria,
Baloch, Barija, Bhutani, Bhutta, Bizenjo, Brahmani, Bugti, Buledi,
Burfat, Buzdar, Domki, Jadgal, Gabol, Gichki, Gola, Hasni, Hoti, Jam,
Jamali, Jamoot, Jamote, Jattak, Kalmati, Kalpar, Kansi, Khetran, Khosa,
Kolachi, Lari, Lashari, Lasi, Leghari, Magsi, Marri, Masuri, Mengal,
Nausherwani, Nothazai, Regi,Rahija Raisani, Rind, Sanjrani, Sasooli,
Shambhani, Talpur, Umrani, Wadhela, Zardari tribal leaders get
together and decide to convert to Hinduism, what can Punjabis do?

If we declare ourselves as Hindus, then Punjabis can do nothing about
it. We are not declaring a war on Pakistan militarily. But we are
declaring a war on Pakistan and its concept. Pakistan has no option
other than to leave Balochistan. Without lifting a single rifle, we
would attack pakistan in a way which destroy pakistan in a way
unimaginable. Since the entire concept of pakistan is built on
anti-Hindu and anti-India mentality, nothing would devastate Pakistan
like Balochistan converting to Hinduism. Punjabis would seeth in
anger, they would call us traiters and infidels. But, they can do
nothing about it. Punjabis can tolerate if Balochistan becomes
Christian or Buddist. If we become Christian, then Pakistan would
treat us like people of the book and continue to rule over us. But
they can never tolerate and accept if Balochistan becomes Hindu. That
is where it should hurt. The enemy is not punjabi. The enemy is the
concept of Pakistan. Once we destroy the concept of Pakistan, the
freedom is automatic. Once this is done, the whole edifice of Pakistan
would fall flat.

If entire population of Balochistan leave Islam and become Hindus,
then it would become a major world news. Then India and the world
would take notice. Then the oppression of Balochistan under Pakistani
punjabi rule would become a world issue.

If Pakistan needs to hold on to Balochistan, then it has to declare
itself as secular nation which it can never do.

Punjabis are asking for Kashmir because it has Muslim majority. If
that is the case, what right they will have if Balochistan become
Hindu? India has many regions that are muslim majority and some
regions that are Christian majority. That is why India is a secular
nation. But Pakistan prides itself as the Islamic nation. All the
regions have Muslim majority. If Balochistan becomes Hindu, then the
entire Pakistan collapses.

Let me make another thing clear. I dont suggest that all the Baluchis
should be Hindus for eternity. Hinduism does not have blasphemy laws.
Once the free Balochistan is achieved, then we can make this as a
secular nation where people can follow any religion including Islam.

Free Balochistan!