Saturday, July 08, 2006

Time to Demand demilitarization and self governance of Balochistan

By Sunaina Baloch , Phd ,

Musharraf in his latest statement on Kashmir proposed a FINAL RESOLUTION , he said "I have proposed demilitarization as a final resolution. Demilitarize Kashmir, give self-governance to the people of Kashmir with a joint management arrangement on top." . There are many interesting points that Baloch leadership should pick up from the statement , that can be used as talking points with Islamabad's Punjabi elite . We have to demand 2 things from Muahsrraf 1.De-Millitarise Baloch 2. Self Governance of our resources .

Mastermind of flopped Kargil war is licking wounds and now testing his instincts on Balochis . His arrogant statements on Baloch made him less of a leader and more of a street thug and Grand old man of Baloch Mr.Akbar Bugti is having fun by paying commando in his own coin . Bugti outsmarted all Pakistani Millitary maneuvers to eliminate him, using rugged mountains to his advantage and waging a skilled guerilla war against Punjabi forces . Musharraf is perplexed this time , don't know what has hit him and why this time baloch is different from 1970's , may be he is sulking in the corner with his friend Mushaid Hussain a Punjabi Jihadi .

He frequently describe terrorist attacks on women and children in Kashmir as a freedom struggle , a contrast where our Balochis attack only Frontier corps , and all other attacks on innocent civilians are orchistrated by ISI and blame Baloch . It is making every effort to make Baloch fight Baloch , rifts between tribes , but failed in their mission .

Is it not the right time for Baloch leadership to serve a memorandum and demand for a formal demilitarization and self governance of Balochistan ?



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