Saturday, July 01, 2006

Surrender of Bugti head lighted by Pakistani press is nothing more than white lies

Quetta: In our surprises we read Pakistani press writing that supporters of Nawab Bugti surrender is nothing more then necked propaganda from Govt, they bring Bugti and other Dacoits from all over Pakistan for ransom and promises not to arrest them just to give some fake press conference so hastily arrange by Balochistan’s so called Dummy Minster of interior.

The named people in that fake press conference are unknown people they live in Sindh for past many years and were brought to Quetta by special PIA flight from interior Sindh.

Govt is outraged by their continues failures where as Baloch freedom fighters have upper hand in all major part of Balochistan.

Govt is so much terrified from the facts that Baloch fighters might storm and capture Dera Bugti and Sui cities by force, just to calm down their coward troops in fighting zone so that they do not desert their units every now and then they carve out such stories of surrenders, it should be noted that recently hundreds of Pakistani troops have been deserting their positions and running away from Balochistan.

We assure the world community and Baloch freedom fighters that all these news item and press conferences are fake and not true have nothing to do with Baloch freedom fighters.

Soon or later we will find the backs of Pakistani occupation forces and Balochistan will be liberated from repression and unjust.

Baloch from all over the Balochistan are joining the ranks of freedom fighters and they are getting stronger every coming day.

We are a guerilla movement and are ready for such fights this is a way of our life and we hit enemy positions and move from place to place Govt forces will never get to us but we will when ever we want to hit them.

He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day!!!!

Press release from Baloch freedom fighters


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