Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Baloch Fighters should use MANPAD’s to counter Punjabi Airforce

By ISOWBA ( Intelligence and Security Operations Wing of Balochistan Army)

Punjabi military thugs have used Helicopter gunships and Fighter Jets against Baloch people resulting in heavy casualty of civilians and also our fighters . This has raised a serious debate around the world about the extent the Punjabi Pakistanis can go to subjugate political ,economic and human rights of indigenous people . Pictures of children killed in helicopter gun fire and missiles fired from Figther Jets are so guresome that even a brave hearted Millitary soldiers will broke . International community have seen this savagery for which Musharraf and Pakistani Military should be tried in international court for this open genocide of Baloch . Not for one day , Indian army used Helicopter Gunships against Pakistani sponsored Kashmiri Jihadis during last 15 years , that shows the professionalism of Indian military .

In spite of all this our brave freedom fighters have brought down some Military Helicopters without using any sphisticated weapons , this mismatch of weaponry should not continue for long . We have to equip our forces with latest weapons in order to win this epic war , therefore we are constrained to use man-portable air defense systems also called MANPADS and against murderous Punjabi air force , they are very vulnerable to MANPAD attack . One has to make a note that ,due to the limited effective range of MANPADS, any attack would probably occur in the close vicinity of an airfield, possibly outside any protected perimeter.

Baloch Military organs have to recognize that using MANPADs(man-portable air defense systems) is legitimate against Punjabi Airforce ( NOT CIVILIAN AIRLINES ) given that we are in a state of war , remember the famous adage 'everything is fair in love and war'. In the past worldwide freedom fighters used MANPADs(man-portable air defense systems) against mighty forces to defend , Russians bowed backed because of Mujahiddeens used Stringers and in recent times LTTE and PKK used them . Here are few examples ,between 1994 and 1997, the LTTE sourced Russian-made SA7 MANPADs from the Cambodian black market and used these weapons to shoot down Sri Lankan Air Force planes and helicopters. In 1997, the LTTE, used a Stinger missile to shoot down a Sri Lankan Air Force Mi24 Hind attack helicopter. Similarly, the PKK shot down two Turkish Army helicopters in May 1997 using MANPADs of undetermined origin.

But such attacks have an even longer history. Two Rhodesian jets were downed by Russian MANPAD's -- SA-7s in the late 1970s and a Sudan airways jet was shot down in 1986 with a combined loss of 167 lives. Other countries which have experienced missile attacks on domestic airliners include Angola, the former Soviet republic of Georgia, Bosnia, Costa Rica, Mozambique, Mauritania, Somalia, and Armenia. Many of these missiles, such as the French Mistral, the US Stinger, and the Russian SA-7 Grail are widely available and highly sought after on the black market.

Man-portable air defense systems are a god sent gifts to freedom fighters all around the world ,there an estimated 500,000 MANPADs available today on the black market according to recent reports . The use of MANPADs will unavoidably become more attractive for us as fighting progress .and Punjabis increasing use of Airforce .

These weapons can be easily concealed and transported in a container as small as a suitcase, and can be lethal to a wide range of military and dual use aircraft.MANPAD systems and their launchers are available on the black market for as little as $15,000,some of the simpler systems available for as little as $1,000 on the open market .

MANPADS are commonly described as shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles that are short-range surface-to-air missiles. They can be carried and fired by a single individual or fired by more than one person acting as a crew. Most MANPADS consist of:

1) a missile packaged in a tube;
2) a launching mechanism (commonly known as a "grip stock"); and
3) a battery. The tubes have an aiming device, which protect the missile until it has been fired, and are normally disposable.

The missiles themselves usually contain the homing device(s) that direct them towards their aerial target. MANPADS (tube with missile within), typically range from about 4 feet to 6 1/2 feet in length and are about 3 inches in diameter. Their weight, with launcher, ranges from about 28 pounds to just over 55 pounds. They are easy to transport and conceal. Some of the most commonly available MANPADS are about the size and weight of a full golf bag and can easily fit into the trunk of an automobile. There are three main types of MANPADS classified primarily by their guidance systems or "seekers:"

I) Infrared (IR) that home in on an aircraft's heat source, usually the engine's exhaust plume;

II ) Command Line-of-Sight (CLOS) whereby the MANPADS operator visually acquires the target aircraft using a magnified optical sight and then uses radio controls to guide the missile into the aircraft;

III ) Laser beam riders in which the missile flies along the laser beam and strikes the aircraft where the operator has aimed the laser.

The most commonly used MANPAD are of the first type because they require the least amount of training and experience to operate. The second and third types, while harder to operate, are very difficult to defend against with any countermeasures taken by Punjabis .

It’s time to use MANPAD’s against Punjabis , ‘EVERYTHING IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR’ . Remember the pictures of innocent kids killed whenever you think of Paki Punjabis .


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