Thursday, November 03, 2005

Akhtar Nadeem & Ali Nawaz released.

Tue, 1 Nov 2005 17:50:49

Dear friends: We have received the news from a reliable source
that Akhtar Nadeem and Ali Nawaz Baloch kidnapped
along with Dr. Imdad Baloch and Dr. Allah Nazar have been
released at 10 pm Pakistan time today under pressure from
world wide campaign organised by Baloch Diaspora, Amnesty
International and Human Rights Organizations. The two are
among those arrested in Karachi and their whereabouts were
unknown. Dr. Imdad went on hunger strike unto death for them.

BSO-NA congratulate and salute our these young Heroes and leaders of Baloch Nation
for their sacrifices for Baloch cause and Balochistan. We are proud of you all. Indeed
your sacrifices will not go in vain and we will continue our peaceful struggle for the
release of all other Baloch political illegal detainees, including Dr. Yousuf Baloch,
Majeed Samad Baloch, Fazal baloch, Ali Asgher Bangulzai, Jan Mohd Marri, Saleh
Baloch, Gohram Baloch and many others.