Thursday, October 06, 2005

Imdad Baloch hunger strike till death

Karachi.Oct.3, 2005: Dr. Imdad Baloch, Chairman Baloch students Organization (BSO-United) announced in a press conference at Karachi Press Culb today, that he is going to start hunger strike till death, starting the October 3rd, 2005, untill all Baloch political workers and student leaders including Dr. Allah Nazar, Abdul Nabi Bangulzai, Ali Nawaz, Akhtar Nadeem, Ali Asghar Bangulzai, Hafiz Saeed, Abid Saleh, Zahid Saleh and others Baloch illehgal detainees are released from Pakistani jails and detention cells.

Chairman Dr. Imdad Baloch was Kidnapped by Pakistani ISI on March 24th, 2005, along with other seven BSO leaders from Karachi, after they had joined a peaceful protest against the military operation in Balochistan, in which 70 Baloch died and more than 200 were injured. Dr. Imdad Baloch and his three friends were released in May 2005, reported toture and degrading unhuman treatment during detention. The other three BSO leaders, including Dr. Allah Nazar are still in Jail and their families have reported that all three men have been tortured using electric shocks. Among these three, the Condition Of Dr. Allah Nazar is said to be especially grave, who is partially paralyzed and reportedly unable to speak or recognize anyone as result of electric shocks and torture. His family has expressed concern that his injuries may result in complete paralysis unless he receives immediate medical treatment in a hospital.However, the authorities have reportedly denied the men access to medical

Human Right Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) and Amnesty International have shown concerns over the torture reports. In their press release it says, ?It is obvious that the illegal detentions and torture in custody are one part of a broader strategy of intimidation and harassment being pursued across the country. During the first seven months of the year, political activists, journalists and other citizens expressing dissent have all been picked up and subjected to similar intimidation. It also seems personnel of agencies and police are acting with growing impunity in carrying out such illegal acts."

?HRCP demands all illegally detained people held in the country be produced before courts, and charged if they are guilty of any unlawful act. It also calls for civil society groups to be given access to detained persons. The tactic of illegally arresting people can do nothing to dampen dissent, but will only add to the anger and frustration growing in the country, adding to the already existing threat of further violence and
mayhem. ?

After the Press Conference, Dr. Imdad Baloch sat on hunger strike in front of Karachi Press clubs. Many members of Baloch Student Organization (BSO-United) were also with him. "After my Martyrdom, The Secretary General Of BSO-United Saeed Yousuf will continue the Hunger strike till death," said Dr. Imdad Baloch.


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