Friday, October 07, 2005

Detained Baloch students in poor health.

Dear Friends,

On September 29, 2005, I, along with Dr Ishaque Baloch and Dr Shamma
Ishaque Baloch (NP's MP), visited Dr Alla Nazar at Quetta Jail ward. It was
not an easy task to have permission to visit him, and when we got at the
Sandeman Hospital's Jail ward, we found a group of angry students who were
there to meet their comrade but with no success. They expelled all their
anger against the police guard who happened to be a Mengal Baloch. This
guard then came to us threatening that he would ask the sardar of his
Mengal tribe who would kill all these students in a minute because they had
mistreated him (he made the sign of decapitating them with daggers). We
consoled him telling him that they were his sons (seeing his old age) and
brothers and they were angry because their chairman was being kept in
prison and they were not allowed to see him.
As to the health of Dr Alla Nazar, we found him terribly sick with a very
poor mental and physical health. He had been severely tortured and he told
us that he had gone through severe physical torture in Karachi but had been
subject to repeated mental torture in Quetta's infamous Kuli camp prison.
He described to us how the interrogation team had subjected him to mental
and physical torture for days and days in a continuation without giving him
a single minute to rest for days. He told us that once he had been going
mad out of severe pain and had asked for some medicine after being tortured
and kept awaken for days he was again kept awake in a standing position for
another 8 hours simply for having asked for medicines. He told us that he
had been given three types of poison (he named them but I can't remember
them now as we were not in a position to either record our talks or take
notes). Sometime they would give him anti-dotes after administering him
poison. He said sugar was mixed in his food so that he could bear the
bitter taste of the poison and eat the food. He had also been given some
sort of liquid which has destroyed all of his digestive system. When we met
him he was suffering from severe pain in his chest and stomach. Left side
of his head was totally benumbed and his left leg was almost paralysed. He
told us that all of his comrades had left legs paralysed. Physically he was
very weak and trembling all the time. He said he had been beaten heavily on
his stomach and lower parts of the stomach and, as a result, he could not
stand straight.
He was physically very weak and mentally upset and disturbed. He said he
loses his temper frequently and very easily. He was afraid of getting mad
if not treated properly. He was not receiving any proper treatment at all.
There were two nurses and one ward boy in the whole jail ward who had no
idea of any treatment. He said he would request for a doctor but a medical
officer appears only after two or three days and he continues to suffer in
the meantime.
The only thing that he had intact was his high morale: he repeatedly told
us that he would never bow to the enemies of his nation and would sacrifice
all his life for the freedom of his people and the right of the Baloch. He
said the was is still on and he would fight it until the last breath. He
wanted me to pass on his message to the Baloch community outside
Balochistan telling them that his body has been paralysed but not his will
and determination.
He told us that he and two of his comrades have been remanded for a one
month long interrogation at the Joint Interrogation Team. Later on a
journalist friend managed to get a copy of the order in which three hereos
of the Baloch are ordered to be remanded. The order is issued by the Home
and Tribal Affairs Department with the subject of “Interrogation of
Suspects Through Joint Interrogation Team” comprised of 1) The Department
of Police Special Branch Chairman, 2) Representative of ISI, 3)
Representative of Military Intelligence, 4) Representative of Intelligence
Bureau, and 5) Representative of Corps Intelligence Unit (313). The letter
concludes by ordering these agencies that “the interrogation of the
suspects, Dr Allah Nazar, Akhtar Nadeem and Gohar Khan, be conducted in Sub
Jail ATF, Quetta Cantt., and a report with recommendations of the JIT may
be furnished to this department positively”.

Now, seeing the preoccupying physical and mental conditions of Dr Allah
Nazar (I have no idea of others as I had no occasion to meet them) he is
not in a condition to go through another mental and physical torture in the
hands of these criminals. It is, therefore, requested to the peace-loving
peoples around the world and to all human rights organizations to please
come forward and force the criminal regime of Pakistan to stop violating
human rights in Balochistan and immediately release all Baloch students and
other political prisoners so that they can get proper treatment in proper
health centres. All Baloch organizations are requested to take immediate
action and to do their best to make sure that Pakistani authorities stop
their inhuman treatment against Baloch political prisoners.

Long live the peaceful struggle of the Baloch for their basic human rights.

Badal Khan


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