Thursday, October 20, 2005

Battle Of Identity And Existence

BY: Zafar Bashir Adovcate

Balochistan is the land of “Baloch Tigers” where “foxes” are very cunning and hatching conspiracy for the destruction of Tigers, Kingdom. We Baloch have faced and seen many bitter experiences such as demarcations of our homeland by British Authorities, without caring about Baloch interests and their consents. The land of Great Balochistan was not “given” to us as “a piece of cake”, but “ those” were bravery and honor guarding of ours, which have protected our mother- fatherland. In recent past and present time, because of our superficial differences we have lost our dignity, freedom, sovereignty and self-rule. Our Great Homeland has occupied by three states, two of them, are undemocratic and extremist ones. We have fought many battles for survival and freedom. We have defended ourselves from the Britishers, Portuguese, Afghanis, Persians and Punjabis and still facing some of them bravely and with honor guarding and a “right” to do so. (duty too)

In Pakistan’s occupied Balochistan so-called Gwadar developmental mega projects are death-knells for us. So-called and self-concocted mega project of Gwadar deep-sea port, which is under construction of China, is nothing but a planned destruction of whole Balochs and converting majority of Baloch into minority.

In Port Authority, there is only few balochs who are working as peons and laborers. All superiors or employers, administrative or executive, are non- baloch; they are bloodsuckers Punjabis and muahjars. In Development Authority, only selected, by Establishment, balochs are employing, just promoting the exploitative inner ill motive of non-baloch; only some baloch engineers were selected, who are baloch-faces only, but not baloch in true and national senses!!!

In CDA (coastal development authority) also only shameless and notorious persons have been selected. In “town” of Gwadar we hardly see a Baloch Nationalism “lovers”(not lover) businessmen!!! Only slaves of their own self-interests!!! And do all daily life activities for only loaves and sex pleasures!!!
Balochs in Gwadar, majority of them, are not acquainted with their selfness and don’t know about true and correct history of our Great Balochistan.

Drugs and land mafias are “vagabonding” every corner of town. They are kings of day and night!!! The “Tigers” are where???
It is our last battle, which has started/commenced now, against intimates of stereotyped culture, darkness, ignorance, mafias (land, drug, arm etc), debauchery, expoliation, unloyalty with homeland etc. Gwadar is one example; there are other instances of our last battle!!! The main and essential thing, which should be expressed and acted, is unity of us. Why our leaders are not come under “one umbrella of unity of Baloch national cause”??? The proposal/ suggestion of Waja Akber Bugti is a pressing need for us. We must be united. We should “comprehend” that we are fighting our last battle for our legitimate “rights”. Why our resources be used or harnessed by others??? Why we, everyone, has made a one-inch tract??? Why egoism is dominated over collective gain and uplift???
These all Questions want one answer that is “we are not united as demanded by present circumstances on/in our homeland, the land which decides the “verdict of death and life” of main powers in the arena of world; the Great land of Balochistan.

The Sons of our homeland is languishing behind “unknown bars”. Dr.Allah Nizar and others simply demanded their own baloch rights and disclosed/displayed only cruelties of state, if it is a sin or crime then this will not end, because human being is human being, not animal.

Cantonments are being made in Balochistan. Why??? Why in other parts of country, save Balochistan, cantonments are not made and search operations not started, where every day and night bomb blasts are “breakfasts” and “suppers” of them???
Enemies are enemies, but irony is that, friends are doing not well!!! “KNOWING OF A THING AND DOING NOTHING IS SAME TO NOT KNOWING ATALL”

Our leaders and masses, particularly of Makran, know that the sons of our homeland are behind “unknown bars” and they are incommunicado, but they (leaders and masses) are just “silent spectators”. Look at National Party the “symbol of paradoxes” and other so-called nationalists are “frying fish on water” and “eating dates through ears and noses”!!!!!!
Look at the human-shaped “cows” of our land, they are only thinking about their “papers and plastics”!!!
Look at Kech society, which is 90 percent rotten, because the drugs traffickers and thefts are leaders, decisions-makers and problems- solvers of Kech society. Nationalists, reformists and radicalists of Kech society are where???
We are fighting our last battle of survival. We should be united and it must be expressed and transferred to all balochs that “rotten things” may be made good but rotten minds, reformation is impossible like that of Makran, s so-called nationalists (not all).
Our women should be made understood, that if a barren land produces no products it will not be a matter of shameful, but when productive and fertile land produces nothing then it is a matter of insult and shamefulness!!!
In Iran, why we are forced to not talk and write Balochi “shad-e-zooban”??? Is there any majority to protest against this tyranny??? No, there is none, except 10 or 5 percent balochs of the homeland (some are residing in foreign countries).
Establishment in 1948,1958,1968,1973-77 and now in present attacked us why???Is our land a conquered land??? Answer is “no”, moreover, we are not united in one chain; we are not one in actual and true “sense of mind” not “spoken words”.

Our culture has been deculturised through state electronic and print media and by our so-called intellectuals. One is a follower of socialist, one is “laapparst”, one is “chamcha” of dictators, one is BNP (M), one is JWP, one is NP, one is Ahqtawar, one is Ehlam, one is BNM (Iran-Balochistan), one is BNM (Pakistan-Balochistan) and others are others ones!!!!!!! Why not “WE ARE ONE”????

IT is very much shameful for proud Baloch nation that sons of homeland are behind “unknown bars” and they are incommunicado, and we, all, are only just “begging and waiting” for their releases!!!! Sad very said baloch!!!!!!!!!!!!
Movement should not go forward and achieve its goals/ends until there be unity, sincerety, seriousness, dedication and devotion with/to movement/cause. There is much difference between “begging to others and acting by oneself”. It is, now, necessary for our assemblies’ members that they must resign from their memberships and portfolios as soon as possible. The theories of “survival of the fittest and do or die must be completely understood and accepted by us because we are fighting our last battle of identity and existence but not least one, now.

WE must rubbish aside all our superficial, extra and useless issues and be united for baloch cause. We must be the owner of our natural resources, for this unity is sine qua non for 21 century. We want to protect and preserve our culture and language from global floods of others cultures. We want to be a part of internationalism, then for this unity is the order of the day.

“United we stand” We must be prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

We must make ourselves be the “Baloch Ocean” to tide as baloch said.

We must not be sleepy men/women.

We must not be that “KAPOOT”(a bird), which closes its eyes when cat comes to attack it.

From our (BALOCH) side, without fear, “day should be said day and night is night”

We, first of all, face our fifth columns or agent provocateurs, then forward for our “rights”.


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