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What else is left with us than to wage diplomatic and military battle

Sunaina Baloch, Phd
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The Baloch leadership made it clear to Pak government that balochistan's resources are not "national assets" but belongs to balochistans , Nawab Akbar Bhugti in his recent interview stated "Suie gas is Balochistans produce not a national asset" .

Referring to the development projects ,Senator Sanaullah Baloch secretary information of Balochistan National Party said in an interview to "The News" that "the ownership of the development projects in their area must rest with Baloch. While we are ready to share the benefits of these development projects with others, we do not tolerate someone taking away everything from us and then giving something to us as in charity. The dream of development of Balochistan can only be realized by Baloch themselves. The development of Balochistan should not be dictated by changes in international situation. "

The main irritant to balochis is the presence of large military apparatus in their province and harassment of suspected nationalist activists and leaders . Pakistan has set up 584 check posts , about 33,000 Frontier Constabulary (FC) personnel along with 12,000 coast-guards deployed . Analysts say aggressive military operations by Pakistan will only lead to international outcry and more militancy by nationalist forces , the only way out for Pakistan is to give Balochis their share of pie from the revenues of Oil and gas and dialogue

Gwadar occupies strategic waterways that connect energy-rich Central Asia with the rest of the world. Khuzdar, Kohlu, and Dera Bugti sit on the largest chunk of Pakistan’s 24 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas reserves. Dera Bugti is Pakistan’s energy capital, the three gasfields – Sui, Uch, and Pir Koh – together account for almost half of the nation’s total annual production of 0.875 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, which is valued at $3 billion. All four areas are divided among as many major tribes: Gichkis (Gwadar), Mengals (Khuzdar), Marris (Kohlu), and Bugtis (Dera Bugti). They are all united in their resistance to what they claim is colonization of their land and its resources.

Baloch nationalists are liberal and follow secular political philosophy , "So to defeat this philosophy of ours, intelligence agencies with funding from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other countries are setting up madrassas in Balochistan. A particular group which enjoys special privileges is being inducted in the political structure of Balochistan. They are semi-literate, religious extremists. (But) they are a gathering of people without any political acumen." said Senator Sanaullah Baloch

What else is left with balochis than voicing and responding with all our means available , against oppresive punjabis sucking our blood , culture and resources to quench their insatiable satanic appetite eversince a mythical pakistan was formed . Mr.Mengal has rightly pointed out sometime back that balochis will never hesitate to take help from any satanic powers /countries in the world , if pakistan continues it's diabolic acts in balochistan . The reporter questioned whether the power/country could be India , pat came the answer from Mr.Mengal ("Bharat mei insan rehte hi, bharat insanon ke mulk hi") "Humans live in India, India is a land of Human beings" . This is a shocking snub to the pakistani reporter , reminding how cruel pakistani establishment is . I WILL COVER MY DISCUSSIONS WITH HINDUS LATER

Dr Ayesha Siddiqa, doing a fellowship at the Woodrow Wilson Centre, said according to a recent survey taken in Balochistan, 65 percent of those polled favoured “armed struggle” for the achievement of their objectives .

Now Baluch nationalists are now far better armed both diplomatically and militarily. For the past two years, Balochis have been dominating the national news. They have rapidly won the masses and classes to their cause of “Justice for Baluchistan”. Their diplomatic and military successes at home have caught the world’s attention as well.

Balochis must bare in mind the strengths and weakness , and strive constantly to convert weakness into strengths . Demography is not in favour , but Geography is. Punjabi forces can't dare to venture into baloch areas . One of the rules of the game is "rule the streets" , never give upper hand to enemy in the streets .In South Waziristan alone, the Punjabi forces has lost almost one soldier for every militant it has killed. To be exact, 251 officers and men died in South Waziristan as compared to 306 Baluchs. REMEMBER THIS QUOTE : "Right lies in might"

Dr.Wahid Baloch , head of BSO-NA Baloch Society of North America , told to IntelliBriefs reporter that "we welcome all kind of help and support from our friends, including our Hindu and Jewish friends, to combat the menace of Pakistani Terrorism against our oppressed people." . President of Baloch Unity , Dr.Jumma Khan Ramkhani Marri said , "I like Hindu Unity and i'm a strong supporter of all nationalist forces in India" , he is in touch with many hindu leaders and is conducting backdoor diplomacy for forging relationships with hindu organizations . What more , we have to finalize the ties and start engaging in dialog . This reporter who mailed me this piece was from India who is a muslim , who said I'm indian first and then muslim. I was shocked to listen to this statement , beacuse my impression about Indian muslims was something contrary.

Forging relations with our sympathizers and galvanizing their ,support coupled with shrewd Public relations to educate the public in West, Arab and Indians in particular should be paramount in our action items. Don’t forget that all neighboring countries, stretching from south to central to western Asia, are potential allies of the Bloch freedom struggle . Realise the potential and work for greater balochistan.


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This guys is speaking shit. All the royalty that is given by the government of Pakistan since 1951 to the balochis in exchange for sui gas have gone in the pockets of these same tribal leaders and yet they cry about govt. stealing gas from their land. They are the real dacoits and hinderance to Balochistans progress.

Bugti admitted on TV he did his first murder in his teenage. In any civilised country, he wouldnt have been left free. He himself was killed in an encounter/chase to arrest. By the way 10 military personnal got killed in the incident as well.


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