Friday, September 16, 2005

Wanted soldiers to wage Information warfare

By Ms.Sunaina Baloch , Phd

Our brave Balochi nationalists are relentlessly fighting for freedom on the ground , leaving all mundane pleasures , sacrificing every everything , shedding their blood . We all salute them and shed tears for their martyrdom . They are doing their job in the mother land , but the question is whether Diaspora is doing their job sincerely in educating the people around the world about the struggle , oppression of pakistan .

We have number of discussion groups , individuals chat on latest developments in Balochistan , yelling at each other with views/opinions/comments etc , all in a closely guarded secret discussions . I would say this is no different to romantic chat , where outside world don’t know what happens inside .

In politics though information exchange and sharing ideas is necessary among group ( secret forums) , it will be useless if we cannot transform the decisions or opinions into actions if we don’t broadcasting to the world community . On the other hand imagine , government machinery armed with all PR tools influencing the public opinion , a childs game for them . All I wish to ask our so called “intellectuals , leaders “ of baloch community is a simple question. Do we have a strategy , time frame , milestones in place to achieve Republic of Balochistan ? . Or are we just been gravitated towards Pakistani strategy , which eventually will lead to hell . If we are in their set strategy then forget about the dreams of freedom and sing the tunes of Pakistan .

This is a game , where we have to always ensure that our opponent must be on defensive constantly , on both fronts diplomatic and military . The later can be achieved by complete domination on the streets , suffocating the Frontier corps and breaking their will . Our Balochi nationalists are successful to some extent in achieving this . However we have failed miserably on PR front , except few websites (which doesn’t make impact to the world citizenry) . The world listens , when one speak soft and hold a big stick, if you don’t speak you are either ignored or called insane . This phenomenon holds true to balochis , they are poor in public relations in the western capitals . Nevertheless this can be improved by learning from others , viz., Kurdish , Kashmiri , Tamil groups , the way they deal with media , they way they educate the public and leaders of the west . I heard from one balochi brother that "We go to UN every year and make presentations " , that's good , and I asked what he is doing , he questioned , " What should I do ?" . The need of the hour is to train our guys .

There is a need for PR machinery in place, in almost all western capitals to deal with the forthcoming events in balochistan . We have to equip our organs around the world with the right tools to win the Information warfare, in order to win the freedom . I would suggest the young generation to take a break and think our struggle as a Game , and play it safe to win the game ,instead of emotions taking control of you . We need soldiers for Information warfare , not just forum chatters , we have to relay our message to outside world which is vital for our success .

1. Raise the level of awareness in all discussion forums by joining them and posting the news items on balochistan .

2. Compile daily news nuggets on Balochistan affairs and circulate , example Baloch Unity moderator compiles daily , but if that is neatly formatted and forwarded to NON BALOCHI groups ( say baloch friendly groups) , that will be of great help.

3. Prepare a mailing list of all Think tanks of west , individuals , journalists , influencers and TARGET them with (2)

4. Organize seminars in US and EU as frequently as possible and invite leaders.

5. BE A DIPLOMAT : Finally , each balochi living abroad has to conduct themselves as a DIPLOMAT . The have to give his or her time to the cause by networking and educating balochi cause . For that they should be armed with necessary information .

6. Prepare Talking points : It would be advisable to prepare talking points and FAQ’s for all balochis .

7. Identify yourself as Baloch : Never allow others to call you as a pakistani, this is the starting point to get recognition

8. Republic of Balochistan : Tell to the prople, that world map is going to change soon , there going to be one country called "Republic of Balochistan ".


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At 12:33 AM, Blogger Dr_Wahid_Baloch said...

Dear Ms. Sunaina Baloch,
Thank you for your such excellent ideas.Yes, I completely agree with you. We need to form a "Baloch Think Tank" which should Consist Of Baloch intelectuals, researchers and writers and political figures, to collect and gather all the current information, analyze it and make timely judgements and then distribute it to all the Baloch groups, forum, Political workers and Baloch websites for further discussion, Taking actions, distribution and propagation to the media and other Think tanks of the west , individuals , journalists , influencers and Law Makers. Organizing seminars in US and EU frequently is also an excellent idea. Lets get on it.

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