Sunday, September 11, 2005

Two explosions in Mastung

By Our Correspondent

QUETTA, Sept 9: Two bombs exploded outside the tehsildar office at Mastung on Friday night damaging its walls. However, nobody was hurt during the blasts. An official at the Mastung police station, while confirming the explosions, told Dawn on the telephone that two bombs had been planted near the wall of the tehsildar office that exploded within 45 minutes of each other — the first exploded at 8:43pm and the second at 9:25pm.

He said the walls of the tehsildar office had been damaged.

Quetta closes; 70 opposition activists arrested

By Amanullah Kasi

QUETTA, Sept 9: The opposition parties’ call for a wheel-jam strike on Friday received a positive response in the provincial capital whereas reports about partial strike were received from other parts of Balochistan. Police rounded up about 70 political workers accusing them of throwing stones on vehicles and burning tyres on roads in the city and Dera Allahyar of Jaffarabad district.

Shopping malls, markets and shops remained closed and transport remained off the road in Quetta on the call of MMA, ARD and PONAM demanding resignation of President Gen Pervez Musharraf from the offices of president and COAS and formation of independent election commission.

Activists of the opposition parties burnt the tyres near the Science College and other streets.

Inter city transport also remained suspended till the evening.

Complete strike was observed in Chaman, Loralai, Zhob, whereas mixed response was received from Sibi, Dera Murad Jamali, Khuzdar, Hub and coastal areas.

The government had deployed heavy contingent of law-enforcement agency to meet any eventuality. However, no untoward incident or violence was reported from any area of the province.

The opposition parties expressed satisfaction over the response to the strike call and condemned the workers’ arrests.

Leaders of the MMA, PONAM and ARD said in a statement that though the strike call against anti-people rulers was given without any preparation, the response was encouraging and also reflected that people were tired of the government’s wrong policies.

The statement said that the opposition parties would continue the struggle till they achieve their goals.

LAND OFFER: The head of the Khetran tribe has renewed an offer to provide the government a plot of land in Barkhan area for a military garrison.


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