Sunday, August 21, 2005

Release BSO members or face the music

For Immediate Release

Date: 21st August 2005

BFM is concerned about the safety and security of BSO leaders and members in the wake of recent torture of senior BSO leaders by Pakistani establishment . We demand Pakistani authorities to members concerted

Dr Allah Nazar and his two other members need urgent medical treatment , we demand authorities to release him for treatment abroad , as we no longer trust Pakistani hospitals due to threat to his life from some sections of authorities as we have learned from our well wishers .

We request international community to take cognizant to these developments in Pakistan where ethnic minority members and leaders are frequently harassed and tortured . We balochis have no choice than to resist by all means if such gory incidents continue , and ignore basic Human rights are violated . The safety and security of baloch leaders is Pakistans responsibility , in the event of any untoward events happen during this process we will respond accordingly .

Beware baloch people are losing patience and will no longer accept these barbarism of Punjab . We demand Pakistan to relese BSO members or face the resistance .


Vice President
Ms.Sunaina Baloch , Phd



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