Friday, August 26, 2005

India should extend moral and diplomatic support to balochis

-By Sunaina Baloch , Phd
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Balochistan was in world headline news, a couple of months ago occupying two major stories , one the rape of Dr.Shazia Khalid and subsequent upraise of Balochi nationalists , another story is attack of Sui gas installation by BLA militant . Though the later is very common in balochistan , this time balochi fighters were successful to make Pakistani economy bleed for weeks , world saw pictures of hotels in Sindh province cooking food with wood and enormous loss to national exchequer. The government of Pakistan incurred losses of 35 million rupees (about 500,000 dollars) per day in revenue and royalty due to the eight-day suspension of the gas supplies. One has to notice that after rape of Dr.Shazia Khalid , attacks on Sui gas plant increased and came to a halt after Akbar Bugthi’s house was bombed resulting in death of 32 hindus in hindu mohalla .

Sardar Mengal stated to a reporter , on record , while Pakistani forces were bombing baloch areas , that if things continue in the same way, "we will take support from any satanic country in the world " and reporter question whether that power could be India , pat came the answer from Mengal "Bharat mei Insan rahthe hi , Bharat Insano ka mulk hi" (Humans live in india, India is a land of Humans").

Predatory Pakistani Punjabi armed forces is one of the most crudest military in the world is an understatement .

Indians know more about these sexual predators in Military uniform, with a excellent track record of butchery and rape of Bengalis in 1971 . Over 100,000 Bangladeshi women were raped , 90,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered to India , bowing their head with shame( i doubt) . Indians have repatriated all of them without any harm ,inspite of such atrocities . Indians could have executed all of them without mercy , but they didn't , not because of Geneva conventions , which is plain non sense . The answer was given to me by a retired army officer " it is because of Hindu ethos , respect for life and common ancestry which Indians value more than perverted Pakistanis" . " Was anybody punished for the rapes in Dhaka? Sheikh Mujib told me that over 100,000 women were raped. Did you catch anybody and put him in jail?" questioned Nawab Akbar Bhugti in an interview recently given to Daily Times. However, in case of Indian POW's , Pakistan still hold many of them in their jails, treat them like animals .

Cruel torture of BSO leader Dr. Allah Nazar and paralysing whole body is another example barbarism of pakistani punjabis . 4 year old girl, asking the world community to help and recover her dad, who was kidnapped 4 years ago by Pakistani agencies and is still in Pakistani custody . " I have not seen my father since I was born, because soon after I was born, my dad was kidnapped by Pakistani agencies and now I am 4 years old and they don’t let me to see my Papa and I don’t know if he is alive or dead? I miss my Papa a so much and I want to see him now." Said the 4 year girl Mah Gul Baloch. These have become common in Balochistan .

All that balochis fear is a 1971 situation , which is emerging in balochistan , with mullah-Military in uniform ,fired with Saudi Wahabi ideology ,money and sophisticated US arms , a poisonous recipe for unleashing 1971 bestiality on balochis .India should not delay in coming to our succor to protect and safeguard baloch , if the situation on the ground culminate to 1971 .

On people to people front , it is beneficial and important to form an alliance of India-baloch friendship forum and start a dialog , without wasting time . Sindhi community in pakistan and abroad has been successful in building strong ties with sindhi counterpart in India. Unfortunately ,Balochis are handicapped , there are not many balochis in India to help them .

Historians would probably cry by looking at the situation in South Asia , who share common ancestry , animosity running deep in the blood , each taking sides based on religion , culture . India is a big brother in south Asia and many have recognized her as emerging world power .Balochis trust India and Indians only, for balochis it's a Hobson choice, in this context , Indians must recognize that it is in the interest of India and balochis to extend moral and diplomatic support for balochi cause .


At 12:08 AM, Blogger India ki maa ki kus! said...

Look you bloody hindu shit. Stop posing as a Baloch and stop posting crap. I'm a Baloch and we are Pakistani. Why on earth should we go beg Hindu's for any kind of help? Hindu's are true enemies of Islam. People that are have gone missing are being kidnapped by India. RAW is active in Afghanistan and is attempting to destabilize Pakistan and also commit terrorism inside Afghanistan.

At 10:52 AM, Blogger Pakistan Jai Ho said...

India should stop the exploitation of Balochistan by Pakistan's Punjabi rulers by sending her army and liberting it. Afganistan will get sanitized to a great extent, if this happens.


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