Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Balochis De-celebrating Pakistani Independence day in Washington

De-celebrating the Aug 14th , 2005
Dr. Wahid Baloch, BSO-NA, USA

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On the behalf of Baloch Society of North America, I welcome you here. Baloch Society Of North America
Joins hands with his Sindhi Brothers and Sisters, here in Washington, Dc, Today, to de-celebrate the 58th
Birth-day of this country Called Pakistan.
Today we are gathered here at the gates of Pakistani embassy, to expose Pakistan’s crime against
Baloch and Sindhi people in Pakistan.
Today we are gathered here to expose Pakistani crime against Pashtuns and Seraiki people.
Today we are gathered here to expose the Pakistani crime against the women and children in Pakistan.
Ladies and Gentlemen:
As you all know that the Pakistan was created by its Masters on August 14th, 1947, on the Basis of the so
called “Two Nations” theory, (the Muslim Nation and the Hindu Nation), which resulted deaths, destructions
and displacements of thousand people in allover India and that was not enough. After 58 years, the people are
still suffering from the effects of that tragedy. Let me ask you this, if we accept that “two Nation” extremist and
fanatic theory, then we should also Accept Mr. Bin Laden’s and his terrorist Gang’s theory to divide the world on
religious line into a Muslim state and a non-Muslim state.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Off course, the civilized world will not accept this crazy idea, But why the civilized world
accepted this two “Nation Theory” 58 years ago to create Pakistan, which caused so much death and
destruction and suffering and still causing suffering to millions people in Pakistan.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
This country, Pakistan, has never learned for 58 years to be civilized.
This country, for 58 years, has not shown respect for democratic principles.
This country has not shown respect for human rights.
This country has not shown respect for women and children.
And most importantly, this country has not shown respect for the rights of smaller Nation, the Baloch and
Sindhi, Pashtun and Seraiki Nations in Pakistan.
This country is in constant denial of Baloch, Sindhi, Pashtun and Seraiki Nation’s rights.
Ladies and gentlemen, from the day one until today, this country has been run by Military dictators, one after the
others. There is no Law in Pakistan. The only law that exists is the law of Military men and the law of jungle,
where Pakistani Military, Thugs and Terrorist, Rapists and Killers all have joined hands together, making their
own laws, terrorizing, killing and torturing thousand people every day in Pakistan.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
What kind of Freedom is this? Where Baloch and Sindhi Brothers spend their life behind bars, and are
being tortured every day?
What kind of Freedom is this where a 4year old kid along with his young brothers and sister go on
hunger strike in front of Quetta press club, for his dad to be released from Pakistani jail?
What kind of freedom is this where Baloch women and children are protesting for the release of their
love one in allover Balochistan?
What kind of freedom is this where Dr. Allah Nazar, Ali Nawaz Goher, Akhtar Nadeem, Tariq Baloch, Jan
Mohammad Marri and many other Baloch students and political workers are behind bars and are being
tortured without any trial?
Brothers and sisters, as we speak, there are hunger strikes and protest going on in every city in
Balochistan, for the release of these young students and all other political activists, but Pakistani dictators
have given a deaf ear and a blind eye to the just demands of Baloch and sindhi people.
Pakistan continues its crimes against Baloch people.
Pakistan continue its arrogant anti-Baloch and anti Sindhi policies.
Pakistan continues its Military operation against the defenseless Baloch and Sindhi Nation.
Pakistan continues its human right violations in Balochistan and in Sindh.
Baloch Society of North America denounces the arrogant policies of Pakistan against Baloch and Sindhi,
against Pashtun and Seraiki people and Baloch Society of North America demands that these atrocities must
ends. Dr. Allah Nazar, Ali Asghar, Ali Nawaz, and all other Baloch students and political activists must be
released, immediately and unconditionally, and all the human right violations must stop.
Ladies and Gentlemen;
Let me bring your attention to Pakistani terrorism. Since the creation of Pakistan, this country has been
engaged and involved in promoting extremism, fundamentalism and training, and sponsoring terrorism.
Thousands of terrorist camps and more than 20,000 madrassas are established in allover Pakistan,
producing thousand extremist, fanatics, terrorist, Jehadi’s and suicide bombers every day. Thousands of
terrorist groups, like Lashker janguvi, Jaish Mohammad, Lashker Taiba, MMA, Islami Jamait, Tableegi Jamait
and many more in different names are openly and actively working within Pakistan. Every Mosque is turned into
a training camp of extremist and fundamentalist teaching and breeding grounds for Terrorist production. It is
like a Terrorist factory and the terrorist and suicide bombers on sale, buy one get one free.
Let me mention some facts here ladies and gentlemen.
1. All the Terrorists of 9/11 were trained by al-Qaeda in Pakistan.
2. Recent London bombers got their training and instruction from Pakistan.
3. The killers of Denial Pearl were from Pakistan.
4. The Attackers on Indian parliament came from Pakistan and the hijacker of Indian Airline were from
Pakistan and members of Terrorist group Jaish Muhammad who is operating openly in Pakistan with full
Pakistani Government’s support.
5. Recently Pakistan sent three Terrorist Taliban members into Afghanistan to kill US ambassador Zalmey
Khalilzad in Kabul, before he left to Iraq for his new job.
6. Pakistan is sending terrorist to Kashmir for long time to destabilize India.
7. Pakistan is sending terrorist and ex-Taliban’s to destabilize Afghanistan and to kill Americans and
International peacekeepers.
8. World most wanted terrorist Mr. Bin Laden and his gang along with Taliban’s leader Mullah Omar are all
hiding in Pakistan and enjoying full Pakistani Government’s support and protection. As you all know Pakistan
created Taliban and brought them into power too.
9. Pakistan tells the US Government and the world community that he is an alloy in the war against terror,
but the fact is he is playing a double game and has a two-face policy. He is cashing in Millions of Dollars and
technical help from US to fight terrorists, but on the other hand he is secretly and even openly supporting and
training the terrorist groups in allover Pakistan.
Ladies and Gentlemen;
You all know about Pakistan’s nuclear terrorist Mr. Kadir khan and how he tried to fool the world. No one sell
tomato and potato’s in the flea markets as freely as he sold the nuclear technology to terrorist and rough state
like Iran, Korea, and Libya in the international black markets and all this was done with full knowledge and
help of Pakistani dictators.
Ladies and Gentlemen;
Let me mention here the nuclear test that was carried out by Pakistani criminals in our homeland Balochistan
without the will of our people.
Pakistan carried out its nuclear test even the Baloch people said “NO” to nuclear testing.

Baloch Society Of North America Condemn that Pakistani crime against Baloch people and asks the United
Nation, the International Community and the International court of Justice to investigate the effects of that
nuclear test and the Baloch losses including homelessness and dislocation must be compensated.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Balochistan was a free state when Pakistan was created. After its creation, it attacked Balochistan and
forcefully annexed it into Pakistan. Since then Pakistan’s crime against Baloch people are continuing. Baloch
people have fought and are still fighting for their freedom. Today Balochistan has been turned into an Occupied
Military Zone. More that 600 Military check posts have been established in allover Balochistan to control the
lives of Baloch people in their own homeland. Sixty thousand troops are stationed in all over Balochistan and
more are on the way. The Military, police and security forces are given tasks to arrest, kidnap and kill every
Baloch who thinks or talks about freedom. The Baloch people are living in fear and in hopelessness and are
desperately looking to the world community for their rescue from the tyranny of the Pakistani dictators.

They are saying, “ Enough is enough”.
They are saying, “ Enough is enough”.
They are saying, “ Enough is Enough”.

It is the time that the Baloch suffering must end. It is the time that the Pakistani hostage of our land must end.
It is the time that all the ongoing Military operations must end and all the student and political activist must be
freed. It is time that the civilized world must take Notice of Pakistani human rights violations against Smaller
Nations of Pakistan.
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you.


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