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Interview : Senator Sanaullah Baloch

Right to self-rule

Sana Baloch

(Note: Senator Sanaullah Baloch is secretary information of Balochistan National Party. Mr. Baloch recently gave an interview to The News. It is an interesting reading. We are pasting the excerpts from the interview with thanks from the News. Interview was made by Raza Khan Muhammadzai)

What is the real problem in Balochistan?

Sana Baloch: The real problem in Balochistan is (a lack of) province's recognition as a federating unit of Pakistan. Balochistan became part of Pakistan as a result of agreements reached on 17th and 27th of March, 1948. In these agreements, Balochistan was ensured by Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the (federal) government that if the province became a part of Pakistan, its interests would be given priority. The province was promised a special status within Pakistan. These things are clearly mentioned in a speech that Jinnah made on 4th October, 1947. Otherwise, the upper and lower houses of that time Baloch parliament had virtually refused to join Pakistan. Today the (federal) government says that Sardars are rogues but the agreements that we are talking of were not signed by any middle class Baloch man or political activist. The referendum of the Shahi Jirga of Quetta which had to take place (to decide on the issue) comprised of Sardars and Nawabs.

In the present scenario, Balochistan problems have not been understood, realized or addressed. Just 20 days after Balochistan accession to Pakistan on 27th March, 1948, first military operation was launched in the province on 15th April, 1948. Then came one-unit, making Baloch to demand for the special status they were promised. These demands resulted in the second military operation that started on 6th October, 1958. Many leaders (of the movement for special status) were hanged and scores sent to prison. In 1969, another very aggressive military operation was launched in the Marri area. The fourth military operation in 1973 had no justification because the province was then being run by a democratic coalition government of Sardar Attaullah Mengal, National Awami Party (NAP) and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI). This government in its short nine month tenure established first university, first medical college, and first board of intermediate and secondary education in Balochistan. All this development was not liked by Iran, (Zulfikar Ali) Bhutto and the United States (because of increasing Soviet influence in neighboring Afghanistan where they wanted to support religious elements as a counter measure). Baloch basically belong to a liberal political culture and there is very little religious extremism among them. So, (after failing to secure Baloch support for the Afghan affairs) the democratic government of Baloch was dissolved and a massive military operation was launched in the province in which 5,000 Baloch were martyred and 3,500 military and paramilitary troops were killed. The operation continued till 1977.

So, this is the real issue. We Baloch in the 21st century demand our just constitutional and legal political rights. For instance, we say that if oil and gas is extracted from the land of our ancestors then we have the right over the revenue it generates. If God has gifted a coastline to Balochistan, then the control of Baloch over it should be recognized. We must have the right to plan (for the promotion of) our culture, language, education and for our identity and (we must have the right) to spend money on these plans. Then we should be allowed to rely on ourselves as far as leadership, politics and planning are concerned.

(But in response to all these demands), the fifth military operation has been launched in Balochistan since July 2004. As part of this operation, 584 check posts have been established and about 33,000 Frontier Constabulary (FC) personnel along with 12,000 coast-guards deployed (in the province). Many brigades of army have also been deployed and intelligence network has expended.

Instead of resolving (our) small and legitimate problems, the (federal) government has taken an aggressive attitude. This is the main reason for the mistrust between Balochistan and the federation. In case, attempts are made to maintain status quo (on these problems), the situation will further aggravate.

Do you mean that there is a fully-fledge military operation going on in Balochistan?

Sana Baloch: In fact, military operation has never ended in Balochistan. Since 1977 deployment of military and paramilitary forces has continued. Unfortunately, these forces are working on the same colonial structure which is a legacy of the British Raj. Surprisingly, of the 33,000 FC men (deployed in Balochistan) only 300 belong to the province. Pakistan's 70 per cent coastline falls in Balochistan but only 98 Baloch are part of the 12,000 coast-guards deployed in the province. Even in the British period, exploitation of Balochistan was not so structural as it is now. When we demanded that the FC should comprise of Baloch, we are being bombarded.

In Pakistan, the able leadership of Balochistan as well as other small provinces has never been allowed to govern. They have been treated as suspect characters.

How different is the current situation in Balochistan from the past?

Sana Baloch: As far as (Balochistan) liberal political tradition is concerned, even today nationalist political parties work under a liberal and secular political philosophy. Our's is a democratic and political course which is unacceptable for the undemocratic posture of Islamabad. So to defeat this philosophy of ours, intelligence agencies with funding from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other countries are setting up madrassas in Balochistan. A particular group which enjoys special privileges is being inducted in the political structure of Balochistan. They are semi-literate, religious extremists. (But) they are a gathering of people without any political acumen.

Do you mean that the differences between Baloch nationalists and Islamabad are also philosophical?

Sana Baloch: The issue of Balochistan is simultaneously political, psychological, cultural and geographical. It is either the good luck or the bad luck of Balochistan that its geographical location is of extreme strategic and economic importance.

People of Balochistan are culturally different from other nations of South Asia. Our attitude and traditions are different from the mainstream sub-continental traditions. Above all, people in Islamabad do not believe in the political norms in which we believe. So overall the differences in thinking between them and us have given rise to this tussle. They are unable to understand us and we cannot follow them. They are trying to paint us in their color while we are striving to protect our politics and traditions through the mechanism of self-defense.

As a Baloch, how do you view Pakistan's future?

Sana Baloch: USSR (Union of Socialist Soviet Republics) used to call itself a federation but due to its centralized political structure, it dismembered. Yugoslavia is another recent example. In Indonesia, East Timor could not be kept within the federation. In Iraq, the success that the Kurds had suggests the same trend.

If Pakistan, despite all these instances, does not adopt a loose federal structure and real decentralization of power, its political future will not appear to be very bright. If a country wants to survive in the modern world, then it will have to keep modern political experiences in view. In Pakistan, there are only five major nationalities while there are states excellently working as loose federations even though they contain 35-36 nationalities.

What is the economic future of Balochistan?

Sana Baloch: It has the most prosperous economic future in the region. Balochistan has two of the five largest reserves of gold/copper in the world. The province has 19 billion barrels of off-shore oil and six trillion cubic feet off-shore gas. From our on-shore deposits of gas in the province, Pakistan has been benefiting since 1953. There are a lot of other minerals and metals (in the province). Unfortunately, 2000 people have died due to drought in the area where gold and copper deposits lie. In Balochistan.

What's your view on the allegation that the US is behind nationalist activities in Balochistan?

Sana baloch: In a country which is a victim of internal political instability, where institutions do not function, where there is no room for democracy, where there is no political space for either political or religious minorities, there is no need for the US or some other outsider to interfere. So, I do not think that some foreign power is involved in Balochistan. The deprivations in Balochistan are so profound and massive that people don't need outsiders to know about them. When our children die in front of us, our young people commit suicides due to unemployment and our women have to fetch water from 50 miles afar, then it gives rise to reaction, militancy, hate, violence and mistrust. All responsibility for this situation lies with the rulers of Islamabad. It is due to their wrong policies and d above all due to their strategic intentions that Balochistan is seething in anger. Until 1992, Balochistan was intentionally kept backward due to 'national' strategic ends conceived by the strategic elites of Pakistan. They did not want Balochistan to become economically attractive place. if they have opened up Balochistan a bit since 1992, it is again for their own exploitation. (What they are doing in the province) is not development, its exploitation. Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) is doing exactly what East India Company did.

You have talked about Iranian involvement in Balochistan in 1970s. What is Tehran's role in the present crisis?

Sana Baloch: On one side we have an extremist Shia state which suppress Baloch and on the other there is Islamabad which also suppress them. Both have their own interests which they want to achieve from Balochistan. I may add that if Tehran and Islamabad stick to their policies regarding Balochistan, they will have to face the consequences. Baloch nation has become used to starvation and hunger; it has faced poverty and seen military operations. The dream of pipelines, economic development, prosperity and stability will prove a pipe dream for both Tehran and Islamabad without resolving the Baloch issue. We are annoyed by Islamabad's attitude but we are not happy with the Iranian behavior as well.

Do you believe that the dream of a Baloch state can be realized in the existing international situation?

Sana Baloch: Baloch do not want to establish a big separate state. But at least they can expect from both the countries to give Baloch children the right to speak and write their own language. Baloch should be free in cultural affairs and in planning for development. Above all, the ownership of the development projects in their area must rest with Baloch. While we are ready to share the benefits of these development projects with others, we do not tolerate someone taking away everything from us and then giving something to us as in charity. The dream of development of Balochistan can only be realized by Baloch themselves. The development of Balochistan should not be dictated by changes in international situation. Baloch have the capacity to develop economically by leaps and bounds provided they get a little bit of self-rule.

Do you think that the constitutional package being proposed by the ruling Pakistan Muslim League can rectify the situation?

Sana baloch: Subjects on the Constitution's concurrent list are of social nature. They do not concern geo-political, economic and political questions. Even if Balochistan is given the jurisdiction over subjects in the concurrent list, Islamabad will still remain the centre of power. To make Pakistan a workable federation, a new equitable social contract is urgently required among all the nationalities living in the country. Most importantly, there should be a guarantee against any future military coups. If they happen nevertheless, the nationalities should have the right to decide their destiny themselves.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

A Letter to President George W. Bush

August 25th, 2005

Dear Mr. President,

On the behalf of Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA), I would like to bring your attention to the deteriorating condition of torture Victim, Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch, Whose life is in great danger in Pakistani custody, in Quetta, Balochistan. According to the reports from Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP)and Amnesty International, his half of the body is paralyzed due to torture, electric shocks, and degrading inhuman treatment by Pakistani authorities, and he is unable to speak or recognize his family members or friends, and needs urgent medical treatment to save his life.

Dr. Allah Nazar was picked up along with his seven friends on March 25th, 2005 after they had joined a peaceful protest against the Pakistani Military Operation, on March 17th, 2005, in Dera Bugti, Balochistan, in which 70 Baloch people died and more than 200 were injured, including children and women.

Pakistan’s crime against our people in Balochistan are not new. Balochistan has been a victim of Pakistani terrorism since its occupation in 1947, by Pakistani Army. Thousand people have died and many are behind bars and are being tortured, including Dr. Allah Nazar, Goher Baloch, Akhtar Nadeem, Ali Asgher Bangulzai, Jan Mohammad Marri, Gohram, Saleh Baloch and many others.

Despite the concerns and frequent request from Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), Amnesty International and other human right groups, protest and huger strikes in all over Balochistan, demanding the release of Dr. Allah Nazar and his friends, Pakistani authorities continue its human right violations in Balochistan and have arrogantly shut their eyes and closed their ears and are in constant refusal to let Dr. Allah Nazar and his friends go or have access to urgent medical treatment that they desperately needs.

Dear Mr. President,

As you said in your famous historic speech at the State of Union on Jan 2005,

"The survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands. The best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world. All who live in tyranny and hopelessness can know that the United States will not ignore your oppression, or excuse your oppressors. When you stand for your liberty, we will stand with you," President Bush, Jan 20th, 2005

The Baloch people are asking," How long Baloch people have to suffer more? How long more we have to be tortured in the hands of Pakistani military dictators? When the human right violations against Baloch people will end? When will the we have our freedom back and when the will the Pakistani tyranny against our people will end?"

Dear Mr. President,

Your urgent attention and immediate intervention can save a life and will be highly appreciated by the people of Balochistan and the Baloch diaspora of allover the world. Please use your influence to ask the Pakistani authorities to let Dr. Allah Nazar go and to let him have access to medical treatment without any delay, which he needs desperately, to save his life. We highly appreciate your kind attention and intervention in this matter. Thank you Mr. President.


Dr. Wahid Baloch,

President of Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA), USA.

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Friday, August 26, 2005

India should extend moral and diplomatic support to balochis

-By Sunaina Baloch , Phd
email :

Balochistan was in world headline news, a couple of months ago occupying two major stories , one the rape of Dr.Shazia Khalid and subsequent upraise of Balochi nationalists , another story is attack of Sui gas installation by BLA militant . Though the later is very common in balochistan , this time balochi fighters were successful to make Pakistani economy bleed for weeks , world saw pictures of hotels in Sindh province cooking food with wood and enormous loss to national exchequer. The government of Pakistan incurred losses of 35 million rupees (about 500,000 dollars) per day in revenue and royalty due to the eight-day suspension of the gas supplies. One has to notice that after rape of Dr.Shazia Khalid , attacks on Sui gas plant increased and came to a halt after Akbar Bugthi’s house was bombed resulting in death of 32 hindus in hindu mohalla .

Sardar Mengal stated to a reporter , on record , while Pakistani forces were bombing baloch areas , that if things continue in the same way, "we will take support from any satanic country in the world " and reporter question whether that power could be India , pat came the answer from Mengal "Bharat mei Insan rahthe hi , Bharat Insano ka mulk hi" (Humans live in india, India is a land of Humans").

Predatory Pakistani Punjabi armed forces is one of the most crudest military in the world is an understatement .

Indians know more about these sexual predators in Military uniform, with a excellent track record of butchery and rape of Bengalis in 1971 . Over 100,000 Bangladeshi women were raped , 90,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered to India , bowing their head with shame( i doubt) . Indians have repatriated all of them without any harm ,inspite of such atrocities . Indians could have executed all of them without mercy , but they didn't , not because of Geneva conventions , which is plain non sense . The answer was given to me by a retired army officer " it is because of Hindu ethos , respect for life and common ancestry which Indians value more than perverted Pakistanis" . " Was anybody punished for the rapes in Dhaka? Sheikh Mujib told me that over 100,000 women were raped. Did you catch anybody and put him in jail?" questioned Nawab Akbar Bhugti in an interview recently given to Daily Times. However, in case of Indian POW's , Pakistan still hold many of them in their jails, treat them like animals .

Cruel torture of BSO leader Dr. Allah Nazar and paralysing whole body is another example barbarism of pakistani punjabis . 4 year old girl, asking the world community to help and recover her dad, who was kidnapped 4 years ago by Pakistani agencies and is still in Pakistani custody . " I have not seen my father since I was born, because soon after I was born, my dad was kidnapped by Pakistani agencies and now I am 4 years old and they don’t let me to see my Papa and I don’t know if he is alive or dead? I miss my Papa a so much and I want to see him now." Said the 4 year girl Mah Gul Baloch. These have become common in Balochistan .

All that balochis fear is a 1971 situation , which is emerging in balochistan , with mullah-Military in uniform ,fired with Saudi Wahabi ideology ,money and sophisticated US arms , a poisonous recipe for unleashing 1971 bestiality on balochis .India should not delay in coming to our succor to protect and safeguard baloch , if the situation on the ground culminate to 1971 .

On people to people front , it is beneficial and important to form an alliance of India-baloch friendship forum and start a dialog , without wasting time . Sindhi community in pakistan and abroad has been successful in building strong ties with sindhi counterpart in India. Unfortunately ,Balochis are handicapped , there are not many balochis in India to help them .

Historians would probably cry by looking at the situation in South Asia , who share common ancestry , animosity running deep in the blood , each taking sides based on religion , culture . India is a big brother in south Asia and many have recognized her as emerging world power .Balochis trust India and Indians only, for balochis it's a Hobson choice, in this context , Indians must recognize that it is in the interest of India and balochis to extend moral and diplomatic support for balochi cause .

Thursday, August 25, 2005

URGENT APPEAL : Contribute to “Dr. Allah Nazar Fund”

Write to your representatives in USA logo

Write to your European Parliament members

European Flag

“Dr. Allah Nazar Fund”

Aug 24, 2005

Dear Friends,

On the behalf of BSO-NA, I’m going to create and establish a fund In the name of our Hero Dr. Allah Nazar, as “Dr. Allah Nazar Fund”. The monies donated and collected in this fund will solely be used for his treatment rehabilitation and full recovery, to save his life. The following Friends will volunteer to collect the donations from their respective areas and eventually all the monies will be pooled to use for his treatment. Please donate generously as much as you can and ask your friends and the well off brothers to spare some for this great cause, to save Dr. Allah Nazar's life before it is too late. I hope every body will participate in this important humanitarian cause. If anybody wants to volunteer please let me know and I will add his or her names in the list. Thank you all for your support. Again, lets not forget about Goher Jaan Baloch, Akhtar Nadeem Baloch, Jan Mohammad Marri , Ali Asghar Baloch (Who's Kids are on Hunger Strike for many days in front of Quetta press Club, for the release of their Dad) and many other detainees, who are still behind bars and are being tortured in Pakistani Jails. We will continue our struggle for their release. Thank you and best regards. Dr. Wahid Baloch, BSO-NA, USA.

Please Contact following Volunteers to Donate for "Dr. Allah Nazar Fund".

In Balochistan:
1. Senator Sana Baloch
2. Dr_Imdad Baloch
3. Shahid Baloch
4.Zafar Bashir
In Gulf States:
1. Waja Ameeri Jaan Baloch,
2. Iqbal Wali
3.Nissar hoath
4.juma'h khan baloch,
In Sweden:
1. Waja Masoud Jaan Baloch,
2.Nasser Boladai
In London:
1. Samad Baloch
2. Dr. Naseer dashti
3. Walid Garboni
4. Shabir Baloch"
In Moscow:
1. Dr.jumma Marri
In Switzerland:
1. Shaukat Baloch
2. Ms. Sunaina Baloch, PhD

1. Dr. Malek Towghi
2. Dr. Wahid Baloch
3. Nabi Baloch
4. Rashid Baloch
5. Kamber Baloch
6. Lal Gehi
In Canada
1.Aziz Baloch
2. Sheh Mureed
3. Nazir Ahmed Baloch Canada

RE: Urgent Appeal to save Allah Nazar's Life.

Dear Friends,

Dr. Allah Nazar's life is most important than anything else right now and before it is too late, we must do Some thing about it to save his life. I ask all our Baloch friends in Balochistan to do whatever is Possible to get him out of Jail and then someone Please bring him to me in United States for full Treatment and recovery. I'll bear all the expenses of his treatment including the plane tickets, logging and boarding. If anybody wants to help me out in this regard, they are most welcome to do so and it will be greatly appreciated. They can donate to " Dr. Allah Nazar’s Fund". by contacting me (in North America), Dr. Imdad Baloch (In Pakistan), Br. Ameeri (in Gulf States), And Br. Shabir or Garboni or Br. Samad Baloch (in Uk, Europe). We must act now before it is too late. Please !!!. Thank you. Shome kaster, Dr. Wahid Baloch, BSO-NA, USA.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Dr Allah Nazar body paralyzed , we demand his release

Fate of Baloch nationalist leader Dr Allah Nazar hanging in suspense

The fate of Baloch nationalist leader Dr Allah Nazar hanging in suspense , as whether he is completely paralysed or given proper treatment by the pakistani authorities .His followers in Pakistan and abroad are eager to know about his condition . Intellibriefs have learnt that Dr Allah Nazar has been admitted in jail ward in Quetta ,but administration is not allowing anyone to to meet him as per BSO sources . He is not being given proper treatment , "doctors told that if he is not given proper treatment in coming 2 or 3 days, thing can happen as most of his body has been paralyzed." BSO said in its statement.

Many baloch and sindhi members are frustrated about the lack of strong protest from organizations abroad , " I want to ask, what are our Sindhis and Balochs doing in London and Washington? They represent many organisations in the name of Sindh and Balochistan, they must organise protests and make representation to Parliamentarians in UK and Congressmen in Washington. " questioned Mr.Taj Bugti . " Not just the life of Dr Allah Nazar's and other Balochs who are being tortured. So, in the name of humanity we appeal to the world to save humanity in Balochistan from certain death. " said Mr.Taj Bugti .

BSO urged it's Baloch fraternity abroad to write appeals to amnesty international, presidents of democratic countries and protest in the countries they are living and educate the people and leaders about the plight of balochis in in Balochistan .
Meanwhile , BSO-NA leader Dr.Wahid Baloch wanted to get Dr Allah Nazar out of pakistan for treatment and he wish to bear the expenses " do whatever is possible to get him out of Jail and then someone please bring him to me in United States for full treatment and recovery. I'll bear all the expenses of his treatment including the plane tickets, logging and boarding. If anybody wants to help me out in this regard, they are most welcome to do so and it will be greatly appreciated." . He wish to form a " Dr. Allah Nazar's Fund" and urged members to contact him . "We must act now before it is too late" , said Dr.Wahid Baloch

We have learnt that Sindhi and Baloch organizations WSI, WSC, SANA,BSO-NA are planning to jointly approach MPs, senators and Congressmen, as well as Amnesty International and other human rights organizations. "The tyrants, murderers and rapists should not be allowed to continue their terror and despotism with impunity, arrogance and treachery. The oppressed must rise against oppressors, the good must rise against evil" said a member .

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Rocket attack rocks Kohlu on CM’s visit

Rocket attack rocks Kohlu on CM’s visit

By Azizullah Khan

QUETTA: Four rockets were fired in Kohlu district on Monday, coinciding with the arrival of Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Muhammad Yousaf.

FC troops retaliated by firing rockets at the assailants in Kohlu, some 350 kilometres east of Quetta. A Frontier Corp (FC) spokesman underplayed the attack as a ‘routine matter’, and dismissed claims they were related to the chief minister’s visit. Unconfirmed reports alleged that the rockets landed near the helipad where the chief minister’s helicopter was scheduled to land.

Meanwhile, a man, calling himself Azad Baloch, claimed responsibility for the attack on behalf of the Balochistan Liberation Army and the Baloch People’s Liberation Front

Azad Baloch said that the rockets had been fired specifically in view of the chief minister’s visit. Meanwhile in separate incidents, three rockets were fired and two bombs exploded in Kohlu early Monday morning. The bombs went off near a doctor’s clinic. Local government elections are scheduled to be held in Kohlu on August 25. Baloch nationalist forces accuse the chief minister of conducting the election campaign for Pakistan Muslim League (PML) candidates in violation of Election Commission regulations. Observers believe that the chief minister’s visit to Kohlu was aimed for the PML-backed candidates’ election campaign.

3 rockets fired at FC post near Loralai

LORALAI: At least three rockets were fired at a Frontier Corps (FC) check post near the Lora Lai-Bar Khan area on Monday.

Unidentified assailants fired at least three 107 mm rockets of foreign make at the FC check post in Hostry, but missed the target.

The assailants fled the scene when the FC responded with fire. No loss of life was reported.

The local administration has initiated an investigation. online

Jam Yusuf unhurt in attack on FC camp

QUETTA: Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Muhammad Yusuf escaped unhurt after seven rockets were fired at the camp of Frontier Constabulary (FC) near Kohlu, which he was visiting on Monday.

Earlier, two homemade bombs exploded in the town and in a separate attack four rockets were fired at a paramilitary post but no one was hurt, officials said. A local police officer Muhammad Riaz said, "Seven rockets were fired on the camp when the chief minister was in the building for a briefing on law and order situation ahead of Thursday’s municipal elections. The rockets fell 400 metres away from the camp."

Spokesman for the FC Lt-Col Rizwan Malik said the troops retaliated and fired 14 rockets towards the mountains overlooking the camp. "Rocket attacks on our camp are routine and the incident was unrelated to the chief minister’s visit," he added.

The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) claimed responsibility for the attack and its spokesman, Azad Baloch, making phone calls to local newspapers said, "Our target was the provincial chief minister."

Earlier, a bomb explosion did slight damage to a clinic and shattered windows at several shops in the main bazaar in Kohlu, local police officer Mohammed Khan said. About three hours later, a second bomb went off in a garbage bin in the same street, shattering shop windows but injuring no one, Khan said.

Assailants also fired four rockets at the FC post on the outskirts of the town, but they missed the target and landed in a field, Khan said. The troops are in the area to keep the peace and guard government installations. Local tribesmen often resent the force’s presence in their area. Khan said four local Marri tribesmen have been arrested in a probe into Monday’s bomb explosion. Balochistan has been the scene of small-scale bombings and rocket attacks in recent years. Authorities blame local tribesmen for the violence.

Rockets rock Kohlu after arrival of CM

By Saleem Shahid

QUETTA, Aug 22: The township of Kohlu came under a rocket attack on Monday soon after the arrival there of Chief Minister Jam Yousuf. Sources said that the chief minister visited he area to review arrangements for the second phase of the local body elections.

The sources said that four rockets were fired at around 3.30pm from Jandran mountains in the north of the township about 10 minutes after the arrival of the chief minister by a helicopter. Mr Yousuf was attending a briefing on security arrangements when the rockets exploded.

“No rocket hit the Kohlu township,” a senior police officer told Dawn on telephone from Kohlu and said that rocket attacks had become a routine matter in the remote district headquarters.

He said that the rockets landed in open places without causing any damage to life or property.

FC personnel deployed at checkpoints in the area opened fire on positions of the assailants who, he said, escaped.

Security arrangements were beefed up and additional personnel of the Frontier Corps and other law-enforcement agencies were deployed in and around the township.

Earlier in the morning, two bomb explosions were reported from township. The first damaged windowpanes of a clinic and some nearby structures. The other explosion, near a mosque, did not cause any damage or casualty.

In another incident, three rockets fired at an FC checkpoint landed in open places.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Release BSO members or face the music

For Immediate Release

Date: 21st August 2005

BFM is concerned about the safety and security of BSO leaders and members in the wake of recent torture of senior BSO leaders by Pakistani establishment . We demand Pakistani authorities to members concerted

Dr Allah Nazar and his two other members need urgent medical treatment , we demand authorities to release him for treatment abroad , as we no longer trust Pakistani hospitals due to threat to his life from some sections of authorities as we have learned from our well wishers .

We request international community to take cognizant to these developments in Pakistan where ethnic minority members and leaders are frequently harassed and tortured . We balochis have no choice than to resist by all means if such gory incidents continue , and ignore basic Human rights are violated . The safety and security of baloch leaders is Pakistans responsibility , in the event of any untoward events happen during this process we will respond accordingly .

Beware baloch people are losing patience and will no longer accept these barbarism of Punjab . We demand Pakistan to relese BSO members or face the resistance .


Vice President
Ms.Sunaina Baloch , Phd


Concern over detention of BSO activists


LAHORE, Aug 15: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) says the reports regarding the
health and welfare of three members of the Baloch Students Organization (BSO) currently being detained
by law enforcement agencies are deeply worrying.

A commission statement said that it had been informed that the three men — Dr Allah Nazar, Mr Nadim
Akhtar and Mr Gohar — were in precarious mental and physical health.

“The condition of Dr Allah Nazar is said to be especially grave. This is indeed hardly surprising given the
long and apparently illegal detention of the men, and the physical and mental torture inflicted on them
during this period.

“The three young men were among seven members of the BSO taken into custody in Karachi in March.
Four of them who were released in May reported torture, degrading treatment and detention in isolation
for periods extending to a month. BSO leaders in Quetta have also stated that while these three men have
been produced before a court on Aug 13th and remanded in custody, other political activists including all
Asghar Bungulzai, Gohram and Saleh, picked up on various occasions this year, remain in unexplained
and unauthorised detention.

“It is also obvious that the illegal detentions and torture in custody are one part of a broader strategy of
intimidation and harassment being pursued across the country. During the first seven months of the year,
political activists, journalists and other citizens expressing dissent have all been picked up and subjected
to similar intimidation. It also seems personnel of agencies and police are acting with growing impunity
in carrying out such illegal acts.

“HRCP demands all illegally detained people held in the country be produced before courts, and charged
if they are guilty of any unlawful act. It also calls for civil society groups to be given access to detained
persons. The tactic of illegally arresting people can do nothing to dampen dissent, but will only add to the
anger and frustration growing in the country, adding to the already existing threat of further violence and
mayhem. ”—PR

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Balochis De-celebrating Pakistani Independence day in Washington

De-celebrating the Aug 14th , 2005
Dr. Wahid Baloch, BSO-NA, USA

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On the behalf of Baloch Society of North America, I welcome you here. Baloch Society Of North America
Joins hands with his Sindhi Brothers and Sisters, here in Washington, Dc, Today, to de-celebrate the 58th
Birth-day of this country Called Pakistan.
Today we are gathered here at the gates of Pakistani embassy, to expose Pakistan’s crime against
Baloch and Sindhi people in Pakistan.
Today we are gathered here to expose Pakistani crime against Pashtuns and Seraiki people.
Today we are gathered here to expose the Pakistani crime against the women and children in Pakistan.
Ladies and Gentlemen:
As you all know that the Pakistan was created by its Masters on August 14th, 1947, on the Basis of the so
called “Two Nations” theory, (the Muslim Nation and the Hindu Nation), which resulted deaths, destructions
and displacements of thousand people in allover India and that was not enough. After 58 years, the people are
still suffering from the effects of that tragedy. Let me ask you this, if we accept that “two Nation” extremist and
fanatic theory, then we should also Accept Mr. Bin Laden’s and his terrorist Gang’s theory to divide the world on
religious line into a Muslim state and a non-Muslim state.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Off course, the civilized world will not accept this crazy idea, But why the civilized world
accepted this two “Nation Theory” 58 years ago to create Pakistan, which caused so much death and
destruction and suffering and still causing suffering to millions people in Pakistan.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
This country, Pakistan, has never learned for 58 years to be civilized.
This country, for 58 years, has not shown respect for democratic principles.
This country has not shown respect for human rights.
This country has not shown respect for women and children.
And most importantly, this country has not shown respect for the rights of smaller Nation, the Baloch and
Sindhi, Pashtun and Seraiki Nations in Pakistan.
This country is in constant denial of Baloch, Sindhi, Pashtun and Seraiki Nation’s rights.
Ladies and gentlemen, from the day one until today, this country has been run by Military dictators, one after the
others. There is no Law in Pakistan. The only law that exists is the law of Military men and the law of jungle,
where Pakistani Military, Thugs and Terrorist, Rapists and Killers all have joined hands together, making their
own laws, terrorizing, killing and torturing thousand people every day in Pakistan.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
What kind of Freedom is this? Where Baloch and Sindhi Brothers spend their life behind bars, and are
being tortured every day?
What kind of Freedom is this where a 4year old kid along with his young brothers and sister go on
hunger strike in front of Quetta press club, for his dad to be released from Pakistani jail?
What kind of freedom is this where Baloch women and children are protesting for the release of their
love one in allover Balochistan?
What kind of freedom is this where Dr. Allah Nazar, Ali Nawaz Goher, Akhtar Nadeem, Tariq Baloch, Jan
Mohammad Marri and many other Baloch students and political workers are behind bars and are being
tortured without any trial?
Brothers and sisters, as we speak, there are hunger strikes and protest going on in every city in
Balochistan, for the release of these young students and all other political activists, but Pakistani dictators
have given a deaf ear and a blind eye to the just demands of Baloch and sindhi people.
Pakistan continues its crimes against Baloch people.
Pakistan continue its arrogant anti-Baloch and anti Sindhi policies.
Pakistan continues its Military operation against the defenseless Baloch and Sindhi Nation.
Pakistan continues its human right violations in Balochistan and in Sindh.
Baloch Society of North America denounces the arrogant policies of Pakistan against Baloch and Sindhi,
against Pashtun and Seraiki people and Baloch Society of North America demands that these atrocities must
ends. Dr. Allah Nazar, Ali Asghar, Ali Nawaz, and all other Baloch students and political activists must be
released, immediately and unconditionally, and all the human right violations must stop.
Ladies and Gentlemen;
Let me bring your attention to Pakistani terrorism. Since the creation of Pakistan, this country has been
engaged and involved in promoting extremism, fundamentalism and training, and sponsoring terrorism.
Thousands of terrorist camps and more than 20,000 madrassas are established in allover Pakistan,
producing thousand extremist, fanatics, terrorist, Jehadi’s and suicide bombers every day. Thousands of
terrorist groups, like Lashker janguvi, Jaish Mohammad, Lashker Taiba, MMA, Islami Jamait, Tableegi Jamait
and many more in different names are openly and actively working within Pakistan. Every Mosque is turned into
a training camp of extremist and fundamentalist teaching and breeding grounds for Terrorist production. It is
like a Terrorist factory and the terrorist and suicide bombers on sale, buy one get one free.
Let me mention some facts here ladies and gentlemen.
1. All the Terrorists of 9/11 were trained by al-Qaeda in Pakistan.
2. Recent London bombers got their training and instruction from Pakistan.
3. The killers of Denial Pearl were from Pakistan.
4. The Attackers on Indian parliament came from Pakistan and the hijacker of Indian Airline were from
Pakistan and members of Terrorist group Jaish Muhammad who is operating openly in Pakistan with full
Pakistani Government’s support.
5. Recently Pakistan sent three Terrorist Taliban members into Afghanistan to kill US ambassador Zalmey
Khalilzad in Kabul, before he left to Iraq for his new job.
6. Pakistan is sending terrorist to Kashmir for long time to destabilize India.
7. Pakistan is sending terrorist and ex-Taliban’s to destabilize Afghanistan and to kill Americans and
International peacekeepers.
8. World most wanted terrorist Mr. Bin Laden and his gang along with Taliban’s leader Mullah Omar are all
hiding in Pakistan and enjoying full Pakistani Government’s support and protection. As you all know Pakistan
created Taliban and brought them into power too.
9. Pakistan tells the US Government and the world community that he is an alloy in the war against terror,
but the fact is he is playing a double game and has a two-face policy. He is cashing in Millions of Dollars and
technical help from US to fight terrorists, but on the other hand he is secretly and even openly supporting and
training the terrorist groups in allover Pakistan.
Ladies and Gentlemen;
You all know about Pakistan’s nuclear terrorist Mr. Kadir khan and how he tried to fool the world. No one sell
tomato and potato’s in the flea markets as freely as he sold the nuclear technology to terrorist and rough state
like Iran, Korea, and Libya in the international black markets and all this was done with full knowledge and
help of Pakistani dictators.
Ladies and Gentlemen;
Let me mention here the nuclear test that was carried out by Pakistani criminals in our homeland Balochistan
without the will of our people.
Pakistan carried out its nuclear test even the Baloch people said “NO” to nuclear testing.

Baloch Society Of North America Condemn that Pakistani crime against Baloch people and asks the United
Nation, the International Community and the International court of Justice to investigate the effects of that
nuclear test and the Baloch losses including homelessness and dislocation must be compensated.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Balochistan was a free state when Pakistan was created. After its creation, it attacked Balochistan and
forcefully annexed it into Pakistan. Since then Pakistan’s crime against Baloch people are continuing. Baloch
people have fought and are still fighting for their freedom. Today Balochistan has been turned into an Occupied
Military Zone. More that 600 Military check posts have been established in allover Balochistan to control the
lives of Baloch people in their own homeland. Sixty thousand troops are stationed in all over Balochistan and
more are on the way. The Military, police and security forces are given tasks to arrest, kidnap and kill every
Baloch who thinks or talks about freedom. The Baloch people are living in fear and in hopelessness and are
desperately looking to the world community for their rescue from the tyranny of the Pakistani dictators.

They are saying, “ Enough is enough”.
They are saying, “ Enough is enough”.
They are saying, “ Enough is Enough”.

It is the time that the Baloch suffering must end. It is the time that the Pakistani hostage of our land must end.
It is the time that all the ongoing Military operations must end and all the student and political activist must be
freed. It is time that the civilized world must take Notice of Pakistani human rights violations against Smaller
Nations of Pakistan.
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you.

Friday, August 12, 2005

BFM supports Protest rally in US , at Pakistani Embassy

For Immediate Release

Baloch Freedom Movement extends best wishes and full support BSO-NA , which has been formed to lobby in USA and educate the leaders of the world about the plight of Balochistan. We have communicated to out members in USA to assist the efforts of all Balochi nationalist oganizations with all available resources at their disposal to accomplish our noble mission to free our land from oppressive punjabis . It's a matter of shame and disgusting to see that punjabis want to eliminate Balochis by all means . Pilferage of Oil /Gas and other precious natural resources , which are rightfully belong to balochis where by neglecting our development , a hallmark of mean wicked Punjabis .

We urge all Balochis to come together and join hands to fight the mean enemy masquerading as champion of Islam . Punjabis have abused Islam to further their crude economic intrest , the problem is neither Islamic Pakistan nor Mujahirs , it is GREEDY PUNJABIS who are using Islam as a cover to steal our resources . Our balochi culture is rich , which is under attack , please defend and pray that our next generation will live in a independent nation called Balochistan with peace and harmony .

We will support protest rally to be held in Washington , USA

At the Gates of the Embassy of Pakistan
Sunday, August 14, 2005 11:00am – 12:30pm

We request BFM members in US to attend the protest rally .

Best wishes ,

Long live Balochistan !

Republic of Balochistan , for the sake of for our kids !

for Baloch Freedom Movement

Omar Baloushi , Phd

12th August , 2005