Saturday, May 07, 2005

Every Baloch should resist settlement of outsiders in our Land

If this is the case of the government trying to build
the infrastructure of trying eventually to settle the
Punjabis and make the Baluchis a minority in their own
God given land then the uneducated brothers and
sisters in our lands should be warned not to sell
their lands to any outsiders and not to allow anyone
as they might use our own brothers to buy them
properties especially those who have no zest or dreams
of one day being independent and try to make a fast
buck.Also we should be vigilant and not allow
outsiders(daraamard) to enter our lands and settle in
our lands but to force them out by warning them to
leave peacefully or face the music and the wrath of
the Baluchis.Every effort should be made to resist the
Government from making any progress in realizing this
goal and in the meantime if the brothers have the
means and through a system we should donate cash to
obtain the weapons to defend ourselves from any form
of retaliation from the rogue government through
acquiring surface to air missiles and other forms of
defense mechanism to protect our brothers and sisters
and the elderly from the air strikes.The brothers
should get any form of technology and help from our
pushtuns and afghan cousins to fight against the rogue
government and it should be the duty of all these
sardars to recruit youngsters and train them in a full
millitary training and the art of sword fighting and
bows and arrows horse riding and swimming and all
kinds of modern army training so that the whole
population is knowledgeable in the use of these
fighting equipments.We saw the US army deploying horse
riding in the rough terrain in Afghanistan.It may seem
a laughable matter when I say bows and arrows but if
used effectvely no one will know what hit them and
also we can obtain the weapons of the enemy after
shooting them.This is another way of building our
inventroy.It has also been recommended in the Hadith
of our noble Prophet(P.B.U.H.)to teach our children
these things.If we need to deploy people in Gwadar we
need Seals to be able to swim and launch a devastating
blow to these rogues who think they can enter our
lands and plunder our wealth and keep us silent but
let it be known that we Baluchis are educated and
gifted with intellectuals and that we may be
outnumbered but our prowess is second to none.We may
have been cheated with empty promises and have become
victims to these means of manipulation and
intimidation but the only solution is to put an end to
these types of negotaitions and fight like this is the
last day on this earth by all means.I hope that our
brothers will also build border posts and other sytem
of communication on certain frequency that can reach
all the fighters in seconds in order to deploy them
whenever needed.These are my thoughts brothers and
this is the way to rid ourselves from the clutches of
these rogues.Hit them and hit them hard.In order to
kill a snake you need to crush its head and by that
you know where the head of the snake is!So go for it.
Allah Hafiz.


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