Sunday, May 22, 2005

Balochi exploited in the name of islam

We have been robbed, tortured and looted for 57 years in the name of Islam and Quran. Our leaders were hanged after taking oath on the Quran that they will not be harmed. Quran say "don't oppress", but you all Punjabis don't believe in Quran and continue to torture our people and our student when they ask for their just rights. I think you all punjabis need to go to hell with your fake Islam. Don't try to teach us your Quran any more. We don't believe in your Islam. We have our own religion, and it says we must fight you all the oppressor Punjabis, who are using Islam as a cover to loot our resources and subdue our people.

According to a news report on Daily asaap website, Attaullah Mengal has welcomed the call of Nawab Akbar Khan for a unified political party. I think,practically,Nawab Akbar Bugti and Attaullah Mengal don't go together on one platform. They must stay separate. They however, can form a working body (a kind of coopration on certain issues that matter the most).

A unity between JWP and NP -as Dr Tawghi proposed before- will be very practical. Attaullah Mengal can seek unity with BNP-Awami. At the same time people like Sayad Sher Jan Baloch, BNMs, Ehsan Shah, Dr Jumma Khan Marri and Zubaida Jalal must join any one of these two groups to further strengthen the democratic politics in Balochistan. Nawab Khair Baksh Marri camp don't seem to be very much interested in party politics. But if they were they can be more useful with JWP+NP unity.

It must be noted; A political party that include both Nawab Bugti and Attaullah engal is bound to suffer set backs.


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