Friday, April 15, 2005

Worthless man stirring trouble in Sui’

Worthless man stirring trouble in Sui’

* President says government will ‘deal with’ anyone who attacks national installations

Staff Report

KASUR: President Pervez Musharraf said on Monday that there was no problem in Sui and that “only one worthless man” was trying to protect his sardari in the area.

Addressing a public meeting at Kasur, the president said a record number of development projects had been started and completed in Balochistan province over the last four years, but anti-social elements did not want a developed province and wanted to keep the masses backward.

President Musharraf said the government wanted to resolve the Balochistan issue by political dialogue, but pot shots taken at the army or national installations would be answered with bullets. The government would safeguard its installations and the army at all cost, the president added.

The Frontier Constabulary (FC) recently clashed with Bugti tribesmen in Dera Bugti and Sui, resulting in casualties on both sides. Bugti tribesmen had also besieged an FC fort. Bugti chief Nawab Akbar Bugti had claimed that FC shelling had killed several civilians, but the FC refuted the claim, saying it were the Bugti tribesmen who had misdirected their fire and killed the civilians. The FC said it fired in the area from where it was taking fire.

The government then sent its representatives to meet Akbar Bugti and both parties formed a committee to resolve the situation, with Pakistan Muslim League Secretary General Mushahid Hussain being a part of it.

Bugti says he trusts Mazari

DERA BUGTI: Nawab Akbar Bugti has said he trusts Sher Ali Mazari, but that he (Bugti) had not named him (Mazari) to the three-member committee.

Praising Mazari, Akbar Bugti said he had been trying to bring the government and the Bugti tribe closer for many years.

“I have complete faith in him (Mazari) and I have blood relations with him as well,” Akbar Bugti said, adding that the Jamhoori Watan Party viewed Mazari’s reconciliation efforts with appreciation and acknowledged the positive role he had played in resolving government-Bugti issues. Akbar Bugti also reiterated that the press had misquoted him and that the statement that he had no trust in Mazari was wrongly attributed to him. “I had only said that Mazari was not named to the three-member monitoring committee,” he added. online

Two rockets fired at Panjgur airport

By Our Staff Correspondent

QUETTA, April 11: Two rockets were fired at the Panjgur Airport and a tower of Quetta-Sibi transmission line was blown up in the Bolan area, some 115km from here, early on Monday.

Sources said that one of the rockets landed and exploded in the open area of the airport while the other hit a wall. However, official sources said, flights between Turbat and Panjgur remained unaffected.

In the other incident, culprits blew up the high power transmission line tower near Bibi Nani area of the Bolan district. "Power supply was not disrupted to any area," a spokesman for the Quetta Electricity Supply Company told Dawn.

Meanwhile, a person identifying himself as Colonel Doda Khan called the Quetta Press Club and claimed that the Baloch Liberation Army was responsible for the rocket attack.

JWP leader lashes out at Rashid: Dera Bugti settlement

By Our Correspondent

QUETTA, April 11: Jamhoori Watan Party's secretary-general Agha Shahid Hasan Bugti has accused the federal information minister of trying to sabotage the efforts being made to peacefully resolve the Dera Bugti issue and criticized what he called the insulting remarks made by him against the Baloch leadership.

Mr Shahid Bugti said in a statement issued here on Monday that Sheikh Rashid's alarming statement about the so-called recovery of weapons from Killi Geo in Quetta was aimed at preparing grounds for military operation in Balochistan.

He said that Sheikh Rashid's statements would in no way help the efforts being made to settle the Dera Bugti issue, adding that whenever Pakistan Muslim League leaders Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Mushahid Hussain visited Dera Bugti to improve the situation the federal minister issued statements to vitiate the atmosphere.

He accused police of staging a drama of recovery of weapons and arresting two persons dubbing them terrorists. Mr Shahid Bugti said that one of the arrested persons was a grade four employee and the other a student.

He demanded immediate release of people arrested from New Kahan, Killi Qamrani and Killi Geo, and said that implicating innocent people in false cases would widen the gulf between the Baloch masses and the government.

QUETTA: Three miners killed

By Our Staff Correspondent

QUETTA, April 11: Three miners were killed and two injured when the roof of a coal mine in Sur Ranj area caved in on Sunday.

"The incident took place because the roof was not properly built," Deputy Chief Inspector of Mines Malik Abdul Aziz said. He said the mine had been closed and an inquiry ordered into the incident.

"The three workers - Fazal Ehsan, Safdar Ali and Javed Hussain - died on the spot as they received fatal head injuries," sources said. The bodies were recovered on Monday morning. The injured were admitted to the civil hospital here. The bodies were dispatched to the victims' village in Swat district

Body formed to make rules for allotment: Gwadar zone

By Our Staff Correspondent

QUETTA, April 11: The Balochistan government has constituted a committee with a task to make rules and regulations for allotment of plots in the proposed Gwadar industrial zone.

A high-level meeting held in Hub on Monday with Chief Minister Jam Yusuf Mir in the chair, also decided to set up a development authority for the industrial zone. The authority would be provided Rs5 million to complete development work in the zone as soon as possible and ensure provision of electricity, water and all other basic facilities.

It was informed in the meeting that industrialists from all over the country were taking interest for establishing industries in the Gwadar industrial zone and so far 200 applications had been received by the provincial government.

The meeting also approved the appointment of consultants for the development of the industrial zone and ensured that the interests of the investors would be protected. The proposed zone would be made the country's best industrial zone offering more incentives and all necessary facilities to the industrialists to attract investment.

Meanwhile, the chief minister chairing a separate meeting also held in Hub on Monday approved the development of Singhar Housing Scheme and allotment of plots in the phase-5 of the scheme.

The meeting reviewed the affairs of the housing scheme and approved transfer of plots and directed the concerned authorities to ensure collection of transfer fee. It also sanctioned Rs2 million for laying of transmission line for the scheme.

The chief minister on the occasion directed the concerned officials to ensure provision of all required facilities in the housing scheme as early as possible so that the owners could start construction of their plots.

Army to stay in Balochistan: Musharraf

By Mubashir Hassan
LAHORE - Emphasising the need for a political solution to the Balochistan issue, President Pervez Musharraf Monday warned that saboteurs launching attacks on Sui fields would be eliminated forever.
“Nobody would be allowed to attack Sui fields,” the President said in categorical terms while addressing a mammoth public rally at Kasur.
The President announced Rs 550 million development package for Kasur District for the provision of gas, electricity and construction of roads.
He also unveiled the plaque of Lahore-Gandasingh Road project that would be completed within a year at a cost of Rs. 2 billion. The President performed this ceremony at the venue of public meeting at the KPS School due to security reasons.
Musharraf said this route would be opened after resolution of all disputes with India.
Punjab Chief Minister, Ch. Pervaiz Elahi and Foreign Minister Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri also addressed the gathering while Punjab Governor, Lt. Gen. (Retd) Khalid Maqbool, Defence Minister, Rao Skinder Iqbal, District Nazim Kasur, Rana Imtiaz, President PML, Kasur, Sardar Muhammad Tufail and members of Punjab cabinet were also present on the occasion.
Musharraf said the government was in favour of political solution to Balochistan, but at the same time, no one would be allowed to fire even a single shot in Sui area. Whosoever dared to do so would be eliminated, he added.
He said army has been stationed in the troubled areas, and would remain there till normalcy returns. Musharraf, however, said no military operation was going on in Balochistan.
He said Pakistan was created for the Muslims, and whosoever tried to damage its integrity it, would be eliminated.
The President reiterated that country was facing danger from the inner elements and not from outside.
He said the government had done a lot for Balochistan uplift, but certain elements did not want prosperity of the people there. They were, instead, interested in their own well being, he added.
Criticising Baloch Sardars, Musharraf said: “We have asked them to tell us their requirements with regard to gas, electricity and road network, but they don’t want all this”, he maintained, adding “they don’t represent the Baloch people because their representatives are sitting in the government’.
In an indirect reference to Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, the President said one person with little standing in the area, was bent upon destroying peace in the province.
He said Pushtoons account for half of Balochistan’s population, and the government was trying that both Baloch and Pushtoon equally benefit from development programmes.
He also termed overall law and order situation in the country as satisfactory, as, according to him, foreign terrorists have been wiped out from its soil.
While exhorting upon the people not to support the extremist forces, President Musharraf said extremism was highly dangerous for the country.
“I cannot guarantee country’s security, if extremism continues to flourish unabated”, he warned, adding “if you vote for extremists, it is tantamount to voting for Pakistan’s destruction”.
“We have to stop extremism because it would lead the country towards destruction”, he said, and added that “people spreading hatred using mosques, loudspeakers, proactive literature and pamphlets were paving the way for country’s destruction”.
Musharraf dispelled the impression that government had initiated the process of national reconciliation under the US pressure, saying “we don’t take dictation from that country”.
“Neither Pakistan sent its forces to Iraq nor did it vote in the UN Security Council as per its desires”, he asserted.
In an implicit reference to Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto, the President said certain people sitting outside the country were bent upon defaming the country.
“They don’t want that credit of country’s development should go to the present government”.
Musharraf said Pakistan has acquired a respectable status in the comity of nations, especially among the Muslim Ummah owing to its vibrant foreign policy, and the credit goes to Foreign Minister Khurshid Kasuri.
He said Pakistan has taken lead in unifying the Muslim Ummah by activating the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC). The next meeting in this regard, he said, would be held at Islamabad.
After hectic efforts by the Pakistan Government, he said, the draft agreement aiming at re-structuring of the OIC would be approved soon at Makka with the signatures of member countries of the organisation.
Lauding the diplomatic skills of Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri, Pervez Musharraf said, he (Kasuri) has done a great job for Pakistan at the international level.
“I know to which extent the country has benefited from the abilities of Mr. Kasuri’, the President said, and asked the people to elect him in the next general elections.
Musharraf announced that 10 to 12 thousand new gas connections would be provided to the adjoining towns of Kasur including Allabad, Usmanwala, and Kanganpur, for which Rs 280 million have been allocated. He said the demand of the residents of Mustafabad in this regard, would also considered.
He also announced allocation of Rs 40 crores for construction of Kasur Ring Road, farm-to-market roads, rehabilitation of Rohi Nala and provision of safe drinking water to the residents of Kasur.
Musharraf, on this occasion, made mention of the economic development made by the country in the last five years.
Talking about various ongoing development projects, he said, coastal highway and Gawader projects were nearing completion apart from so many other development schemes that were in the pipeline. Brick lining of water channels across the country was also going on at a cost of Rs. 66 billion, he told.
He said for the first time in country’s history, the level of poverty and un-employment has gone down, and it would continue to rescind in the coming years.
Musharraf, however, said he had no ‘magic wand’ to end poverty overnight.
About price-hike, he said, “I have asked the PM and the four CMs to take adequate measures to bring down the prices’. He attributed the soaring prices of various commodities to sharp rise in the prices of petroleum products at the international level.
Highlighting country’s foreign policy achievements, Foreign Minister, Khurshid Kasuri said that, “we have developed strategic relationship with countries like US and China’.
Taking about Kashmir issue, he said it would be resolved when both countries show equal flexibility.
Gandasingh border would be opened only after normalisation of relations with India, he said.
Kasuri on this occasion presented a box containing miniature of Bullay Shah’s poetic work to President Musharraf.
Speaking on the occasion Chief Minister Ch Pervaiz Elahi said ‘adequate arrangements’ have been made to ‘deal’ with a PPP-P man when he arrives at Lahore on April 16.
“We have already successfully dealt with a PML (N) man who was packed and sent back to Saudi Arabia from the Lahore Airport,” he said.
“We would also deal with PPP-P man in an appropriate manner”, he added.
Without naming Benazir and Nawaz Sharif, Pervaiz Elahi said, they were sending “testers” in Punjab to gauge their popularity.
He highly criticised the PPP-P leadership for calling Asif Zardari “a Nelson Mandela of Pakistan”.
“How could a person be compared with Nelson Mandela when he was under trial on charges of corruption and murder”, the CM questioned.
“Please for God sake don’t desecrate the name of Mandela”, he asked PPP leaders.
Again, without naming the exiled leaders of the PPP-P and the PML (N), Pervaiz Elahi asked on what agenda the two have now joined hands.
“While sitting abroad, they don’t want to see the country on the path of development”, he asserted.
Criticising the MMA for launching protest movement against the government, Pervaiz Ealhi said, “they would themselves get jammed while trying to jam the wheel of country’s development”.
He said the 30 MMA detained workers, who attacked the participants of Gujranwala race, have been identified, and out of them only two were locals. The rest 28 belonged to NWFP districts of Bannu, Wana and Lakimarwat, he further told.

Govt responsible for Dera Bugti crisis: JWP

Says restoration of 1973 Constitution, due share in gas royalty only solution to issue

By our correspondent

SHEIKHUPURA: The restoration of 1973 Constitution in letter and spirit and due share in Sui gas royalty is the only solution to Balochistan issue.

This was stated by Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP) Deputy Secretary-General Sardar Abdul Rauf Khan Sasoli at a press conference here on Monday. He said the Baloch nation was true Pakistani and patriotic. "They would not hesitate even to sacrifice their lives to safeguard and protect the solidarity and integrity of the country," he added. He refuted the government claims that the Balochis were destroying or damaging the gas pipelines and other sensitive installations in the province. He said they were the protectors and defenders of the installations since 1954. "Therefore, the government allegations in this connection are baseless and fabricated," he added.

Abdul Rauf held the government responsible for the disruption and disturbance prevailing now-a-days in Balochistan. The government is intending to capture the natural resources of the province only to please its foreign masters, he said.

He said the government was hatching conspiracy to rehabilitate about 3.5 million people from other parts of the country in Balochistan to outnumber 5.5 million Balochis. He warned the government to refrain from taking such steps, as it would further aggregate the situation, the JWP leader said. He said the government was not sincere in resolving the Balochistan issue. "If the government really wants to resolve the issue, it should withdraw security forces from Balochistan and also abolish trenches set up in Dera Bugti and Sui areas," he added.

Replying to a question about the resent meeting of Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain with JWP chief Nawab Akbar Bugti, he said that as such no implementation took place, which were decided in the meeting.

The PPP district president Altaf Hussain Virk, who was also present on this occasion, told journalists that the General Musharaf regime was creating such circumstances, which had caused East Pakistan debacle in 1971. The problems could only be resolved through negotiation and not by power, he added. Asif said that on the arrival of Asif Ali Zardari at the Lahore airport on April 16, he would be accorded red-carpet welcome.


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