Thursday, April 07, 2005

Release BSO leaders and All other political activists of Balochistan

Release BSO leaders


All other political activists of Balochistan

It has been over a week that several prominent political activists of Balochistan disappeared in Karachi. Dr Imdad Baloch the Chairman of United Baloch Student Organisation along with Dr Alah-Nizar Baloch the former Chairman of BSO­­(united), Dr Yosouf Baloch and Mr Mohd Naseem were abducted by some unknown people in Karachi.

They earlier days actively participated in a demonstration to raise awareness on tense situation in Balochistan in front of Press Club in Karachi. They vehemently expressed their opposition to any military intervention and operation in Balochistan and demanded the full and complete withdrawal of military from Balochistan so that a politically negotiated solution on the democratic rights of Balochistan could be found. They as prominent member of the BSO­(united) protested and rallied against the arrest of several Baloch students, and demanded their immediate and unconditional release as the student were arrested merely for expression of thoughts.

There is no evidence that their disappearance is related to criminals as no ransom demand has been made. There is every indication that the Pakistani secret service agencies are behind there disappearance. It is a common practice by these Pakistani agencies to commit such illegal action as they have been doing abduction of political activists throughout Balochistan in the past few months to silence the Baloch activists and democratic cry of people of Balochistan. The government of Pakistan has a policy of denial in this respect, but several Baloch activists after months of disappearance ended up in ‘Koli camp’ in Quetta. There are several people being held under tortutre and degrading conditions in Koli with no trial. To name few, Mr Tariq Nami and Mr Saleh-Mohd Gowhram Nami from Turbat after nine moths of detention are still being interrogated by army special agents without trial.

To patronise the people of Balochistan and suppress the democratic movement in Balochistan, the Musharraf government had given sweeping powers to police and army in Balochistan whereas the elected Nazims (mayors) of Balochistan had been made powerless. To this effect recently police issued arrest warrants on Mir Wahdood Raisani, chief of Raisani Qaumi Ittehad, for taking part in a demonstration in front of Balochistan Assembly on March 18 against the killing of 62 innocent people in Dera Bugti. The police had raided houses in Marri Camp and Killi Qamrani, insulting women and pressuring them into quitting the Balochistan National Movement.

The kidnapping of National Party President Dr Hayee, former education minister and member of central committee of NP Dr Abdulmaalik Baloch and another prominent leader of NP last month is a prime example of Pakistani agencies action and approach towards the Baloch activists and the problem of Balochistan as a whole. The Musharraf’s government and the Pakistani army are resorting to their so called mighty force to deal with issues in Balochistan.

Openly though they talk of a political solution, but repeatedly act to the contrary. That is the reason for the marked surge of arbitrary arrest and disappearance of political activists in Balochistan. Many of activists are also being detained in Gwadar and Khuzdar.

Balochistan Rights Watch is extremely concerned on the plight of BSO’s chairman Dr Imdad Baloch and his colleagues and other disappeared Baloch activist. BRW holds the Pakistani government and its army solely responsible for their illegal acts and unreservedly deplores the suppression of freedom and expression of thought in Balochistan by the Pakistani intelligence agencies. Expression of thoughts and freedom are universal rights enshrined in the Declaration of Human Rights, hence Baloch people and activists will defend their fundamental rights and no act of sabotage by Musharraf and his mighty power from military could dishearten their courageous and firm stand for justice and their democratic rights.

BRW demands the immediate and unconditional release of all political detainees of Balochistan as well as in all Pakistan. BRW is committed to work for the rights of Balochistan and shall use its role in presenting a fair picture of situation in Balochistan, and onerously make efforts to expose the atrocities and unjust approaches of Pakistani rulers for this matter in Balochistan.

Balochistan Rights Watch

April 2005


At 2:33 AM, Blogger Suhail Mullahzai said...

We all Baloch should be united and strong , All Baloch who live in different countries of the world should unite there voice to get the task of Free Balochistan and freedom of BSO Leaders. I am Suhail Mullahzai from Turbat living in England whould love to support this organisation


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