Thursday, April 07, 2005

Balochistan Rights Watch

Balochistan Rights Watch

Balochistan Rights Watch is formed to work for the democratic rights of Balochistan. The current tense political situation in Balochistan demands that this body shall take concerted steps to bring the issues of Balochistan to the open and highlight them in international community. The authorities of Pakistan and Iran have been depicting the issues of Balochistan as of tribal and narcotic nature to deviate attentions from the core problems that people of Balochistan are facing.

It is the aim of the Balochistan Rights Watch to defend the rights of Balochistan.

Balochistan Rights Watch’s formation is an effort alongside with other groups, bodies and parties in Balochistan and worldwide to work for the rights of Balochistan and prosperity of Balochistan. The Balochistan Rights Watch’s task is to present the real issues of Balochistan and pacify the unsubstantiated allegations of Pakistani and Iranian authorities on people of Balochistan throughout the international community by lobbying and writing on issues of Balochistan to United Nations, heads of states, non-governmental organisations and other relevant bodies.

Balochistan Rights Watch appeals to every activist to help us in achieving our aim by providing only reliable and honest information on Balochistan. Articles on history, cultural and socio-economic issues, demography, political activities, historical facts and data are of indispensable value to make our commitment tangible and relevant to the rights of Balochistan. Therefore Balochistan Rights Watch’s task is largely depends on contribution of Baloch intelligentsia and activists from every walks of life in Balochistan and throughout the world.

Balochistan Rights Watch earnestly seeks media’s attention and collaboration as it is vital to the success of our efforts.

April 2005


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