Friday, April 15, 2005

Baloch Women Organisation

By Baloch Women Organisation

The BALOCH people are facing the worse situation under the state terrorism of Pakistan. The Marri Balochs are in habitant in New Kahan western by pass Quetta after arrival from Afghanistan. These people are/were earning their livelihood by working at different places as daily wage to nourish their kids. These poor people don’t have any facilities of life in this 21st century like electricity and gas even they buy the water in the city of Quetta from BWASA. The homes of all the population are made up of mud. It is significant to state here that all the mentioned facilities are available to the merchants just opposite to the road in the vegetable market and the transporters.

The Police and paramilitary forces attacked the New Kahan on 26th February 2005 at 4 pm and they started searching each and every house of these Marri Balochs. They were failed to get any arms or any thing which is prohibited by the law then they demolished/bulldoze most of the houses. During the search operation the police officers have looted the community on gunpoint. The police have taken all the money, which was saved by the women, they did not only take the money but the traditional jewels which were wore by that women taken away by the police. When the women tried to stop all this illegal and inhuman activities they were brutally beaten by the police, the picture of a woman who was hit by the police on head is attached here.

Then police used their own arms and showed on the media that these all belong to them (Marri). A person who is not in a position to nourish their kids how could they keep these much expensive arms with them?

It is a question mark for the police also. The police have broken all the records of the terror by beating women and small kids. A boy 2 years was taken from the lap of his mother and was tried to be crushed under the boots of a police officer, he has got the injuries on the lower lip and his picture is also attached. And the police while throwing them on the fire burned three kids.

Moreover the guesthouse (castle) of all Marri elders (where they would gather and solve their problems according to balochi tradition) was occupied by police force and developed as a police station in the centre of the area.

It is very strange (racist) action of the police to put (wave) the flag of Pakistan on this guesthouse. It seems like the police have conquered the Castle of Khyber from the Kuffar, we wonder whether it is an occupied area or what?????

This is very terrifying for these people who get the firewood from the mountains, buy water and live in darkness gifted by this state (Pakistan). The police have took blankets, and every those things which has any worth. Nearly 56 people were arrested at that night but still their family members don’t know whether they are alive or died. At the same day the police have arrested three women also, these three women were thrown out of an on going vehicles and one woman is seriously injured.

The people who are arrested then denied by the police and still kept at unknown places are, and the last five persons were arrested on 11th March. Their names are listed below.

1 Hassan s/o Abdul Rehman
2 Abdul Rehman s/o Biag Mohammad
3 Hashim s/o Abdul Kareem
4 Haji Meyan Khan s/o Shah Hussain
5 Baz mohammed s/o Wazir
6 Amer Mohammed s/o unknown (this man is mute and he can't speak)
7, Hayat Khan s/o Dil Shad
8, Shafi Hamd s/o Gull Hamd
9, Shah dost s/o Mwar Han
10, Chor Baig s/o Jafar Khan
11, Samad Khan s/o Haji Raheem
12, Shair khan s/o Mir Dost
13, Ali Dad s/o Shah Gull
14, Mahbat khan s/o Pandhi
15, Per Bakhsh s/o Hazoorro
16, Jara Khan s/o Kahor Khan,
17, Per Jan s/o Ali Han
18, Kalo s/o Sher Ali
19, Nazar Ali s/o Haji Raheem
20, Jangehan s/o Khair Mohammad
21, Mir Ahmad s/o Bangar
22, Wazir Ahmad s/o Shah Gull
23, Roz Gul s/o Allah Yar
24, Nabi Bakhsh s/o Dil Shad
25, Shahan s/o Jamir Khan,
26, Mir Dost s/o Haji Gull Hamd
27, Mohammad Gull s/o Karrimo
28, Gull Khan s/o Kmal Khan
29,Gull Jan s/o Sorat Khan
30,Lal Gull s/o Shahoo
31,Kmal Khan s/o Hoombo
32, Nazaroo s/o Sher Han
33,Bengaw s/o Meran
34,Shahdad s/o Karimo
35,Tako s/o Dolat KHan
,36, Ali Ahmad s/o Dlaan
37,Sobha Khan s/o Gamar Khan
38, Jan Ali s/o Walya
39 Ashraf s/o Moran
40, Neyaz Hamd s/o Shah Mir ,
41,Umar Bakhsh s/o Murad Khan
42, Bakhtyar s/o Per Han ,
43, Jano Khan s/o Kala Khan
44, Shareef s/o Haji Mando ,
45, Bashko KHan s/o Dunya KHan ,
46 Zafar s/o Shado
47, Abdul Kareem s/o Kamees ,
48, Khudaidad s/o Bulend Khan
49, Abdul Majeed s/o Sahoo
50, Hasil Khan s/o Gzi
51, Shakar Khan s/o Haji Mando
52, Gull Baig s/o Allah Yar ,
53, Shah Baig s/o Geeshtri
54, Gull Dad s/o Ado
55, Asad Khan s/o Kahoor Khan
56, Rakya s/o Shahoo,
57 Noor Mohammed
58 Bazmohammed
59 rasulo
60 panzuli
61 Hazar Mohamme
62 Karam Ali

It is reminded that from the above list the last five people were arrested from their shops as the police have raided their shops. The failed and confused Pakistani police have started raiding people’s works places, shops and issued false arrest warrants to some Marri student. We call it a very unwise and unlawful action of police, it shows that the police are forcing people to close down their business and forcing students to leave their Education uncompleted. In one hand the government blame the Baloch leader and tribal Sardars as anti education and anti development, on the other hand the government it self is forcing people to shut down their shops and forcing students to leave school. We never heard any Baloch leader has burnt a school or threaten a child from going to school.

Closing down the wati primary school,threatining it's students and teachers not to go back to school,otherwise they face state terrorism and burning the govt girls’ school by police shows that the government is pushing the people of Balochistan towards darkness. We term these actions as anti development and anti education steps by the government.

The police have burnt the Govt School on 11th March 05 at about 11:00 am Then on 14th march 05 at 11:45 am police again attacked on NEW KAHAN and searched the houses of innocent people.

Women and children have tried to stop the police from entering the house but police have fired in air to terrify minor kids and women and used tear gas to make them unconscious. Because of the tear gas 9 women and 14 children were unconscious.

In the light of the entire above stated situation we want all NGOs, Human loving, those who claim to be peace keepers and all Free born people to help and raise the voice of these vulnerable and helpless Marri BALOCH who are facing the worse atrocious attitude of the Pakistani police and the paramilitary.

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