Thursday, April 07, 2005

Appeal from Dr Jumma Khan Marri , Chairman Baloch Unity Organisation

Stop crying stand up and fight.

Dear friends,

First of all we strongly condemn the unwarranted illegal arrest of Baloch political leaders we condemn all types of atrocities committed by Pakistani state agencies against an individual or against whole Nations like Baloch and Sindhis.

The arrest of Imdad Baloch and his friends should not be a surprise for any one, we are unfortunate to live in a country where there are no laws, all laws are for only few individuals who can dictate their power to all the rest, and those individuals are not hiding to any one they are in Military uniform.

They use their power against any one who goes against their will they need total obedience from the masses they need slaves and all of us under their rule have become slaves if we speak they do exactly the way they did with Imdad Baloch the way they did in Marri camp they way they did in Sui and Dera Bugti.

What Baloch nationalist parties can do they are helpless; people demonstrate in democracies and the democratically elected governments notice those demonstrations because they will seek their votes for reelections.

But in Pakistan Govts are not afraid from their public opinions because they do not need their opinions as they can frame elections according to their own wishes the so called elections in Pakistan is known as selection, so they do not need us and our opinions.

Nevertheless, we are living in a police state where no opposition is accepted by state all the so called laws are blocked by generals and state police what we see is just fraction the real injustices are hidden from public.

My request to BSO is that, do not cry and blame Baloch nationalists parties or any other organisations, students organisations around the world are and were leading forces to bring changes.

Create unity among your ranks stop this divisions between BSO and fight for your rights along with other healthy forces of Baloch nationalist movements then only we can achieve our rights.

Baloch unity assures you their full help and support ready to go with you in any length to fight and achieve Baloch national rights, we shall stop the war of wards but be more practical then we see the difference I call for action, action right now.

In our view their can be no justice and there was never any with out a fight all these so called negotiations are tactics to dived and brake Baloch unity and create hurdles in our path to prolong their time to built more army cantonments and built new settlements on Baloch lands for Punjabi and Muhajir land grabbers.

We all know all these facts yet we look here and there and we listen and write different slogans for what it is time to declare war on Baloch enemies.

Yet many Baloch prefer negotiations will it give any results, I assure you it might satisfy few individuals or groups of people but will never meet Baloch grievances in general.

We are losing our young generations in an undeclared war; this war has been declared by Paki state long before they are destroying our youth in preplanned way.

They are targeting our youth with deadly weapons, which leave no smoke, and sound that is drugs.

They are almost freely and openly available in Baloch towns and cities and our youth is helped by agencies to get these drugs almost free and Baloch youth having no jobs and are left with no purposes to live are getting addicted with drugs to kill their pain and close their eyes from their helplessness.

They look around no where to go and with depression not only they kill their own future but they kill Baloch national future along with themselves we must fight to stop this madness and brake this great conspiracy against our nation time is less and we must be in hurry.

Drugs are almost unheard in Punjab but they are freely available for Baloch and Sindhi youth.

Today due to lack of jobs, the biggest numbers of Baloch youth in south and western parts of Balochistan are getting addicted in drugs lawlessness is big problem in Karachi especially in Baloch localities.

Baloch youth today are leaving Balochistan in great numbers in search of jobs to survive and are being recruited by drug lords where their lives are just hanging on piece of thread.

Baloch are discriminated in every sphere of life there is no need to count in which fields there is absolute discrimination never heave I seen any where in world.

Pakistani ISI is very active in Balochistan and hunts down any body who opens mouth to say give our rights they are given special task to deal with mostly very vocal people and bring them in their folds what ever the coast.

The way they kidnapped Imdad Baloch is proof of that, I am sure they will first try to buy him if unsuccessful they will blackmail him to surrender even they failed in their blackmail they will simply articulate some false case against him and put him behind bars.

It looks like that govt is having some success in their efforts to dived Baloch Nationalist forces today they are dealing with Mr. Bugti to cut a deal with him about the problems only in Sui and Dera Bugti area.

Then tomorrow with mediations of Akbar Bugti they might cut a deal with Khair Bux Marri about the problems in Marri lands and then with Attaullah Mengal and so on.

I wish I could be wrong but I am afraid the main Baloch issues will be neglected and forgotten with such a selected way of resolving Baloch national problems.

Baloch should be in no illusions that through negotiations with dictators and one nation hegemony shall we resolve our burning problems.

The only way to get our freedom is fighting and only through hard and dedicated struggle, we can and should get our right. No crying and requests will give us our rights.

Many Baloch say that by fighting, we will lose many Baloch lives I reply even if we lose half of Baloch population that is worth fighting it is better less but free blood is renewable but freedom lost might never come again.

Look at the history of all great nations, they all came out of ruins from great battles had they surrendered they would lose and would be history.

Russian lost more then 25 million people in second world war only should they surrendered today than 1/5 of the worlds land mass would not be under them the Japanese and Germans would have divided her among themselves.

Baloch already lost and got their country divided among three countries if we keep on our struggle in this way tomorrow we will lose the rest also this time forever and legally as we are busy selling our lands to immigrants for profits.

The aliens will settle on the best parts of our lands and control all our resources through international cooperative companies.

Then we will have to struggle not only with Punjabi settlers but also with legal international companies who invested their money on our row materials for their factories and companies, these international companies can easily force their govt’s to back their business interests and Baloch will be thrown out again this time by these international corporatives companies.

It is better to stand together and fight the honourable war as stated by the great Tipu Sultan,

It is better to live like a lion one day then to live like a fox hundred years.

Baloch unity on its part has taken this understanding that there can be no peace and negotiations we have chosen the path of freedom, freedom can be achieved only through sacrifices and we are ready along with other Baloch nationalist force to fight for it, if we find any body with any kind of under table settlements we will reject such deals and ask all Baloch leaders to be sincere with Baloch cause if other wise Baloch will severely punish those who sell out Baloch national interests.

I call upon Baloch to stand up and fight as your survival is at stake!

Sincerely yours,

Dr Jumma Khan Marri.

Chairman Baloch Unity Organisation


At 2:36 AM, Blogger aasimzzz said...

Dear Doctor,

i did not bother to go through the whole text of the 'nationalist' post you have put up. let me remind you, that this country of ours, was built on the basis of religion, and religion alone. nothing more. with your words you are promoting 'a nationalist movement' which has no basis. i hope you see beyond the box you are in...this 'nationalistic' box. thats not what this country is about.


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