Friday, March 11, 2005

QUETTA: BSO warns govt over land deals

QUETTA: BSO warns govt over land deals

By Our Correspondent

QUETTA, March 7: The Baloch Students Organization (BSO) has warned the government that all agreements relating to Baloch land would be of no practical value. Similarly, no one could guarantee the gas pipeline between Iran and India until the Balochistan issue was resolved peacefully.

Speaking at a conference in the press club on Monday, the chairman of BSO, Amanullah Baloch, stated that the executive committee of the organization had decided to write a letter to the United Nations secretary general to take notice of the centre's violence against the Baloch people.

He alleged that the government's atrocities and victimization policy has forced the BSO to approach the UN secretary general requesting him to intervene and stop excesses against the Baloch.

He said that the UN secretary general should play his role to settle the Balochistan problem. He blamed the rulers for denying national and political rights to the Baloch during the last five decades saying that usurpers always used state apparatus whenever the inhabitants of the land raised their voice against the looting of Balochistan's resources.

The BSO chairman claimed that relations between the federation and the Baloch had been tense from the very beginning as the former was interested in the exploitation of resources whereas the latter had been resisting victimization by the centre which developed complications for restoration of normal ties.


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