Friday, March 25, 2005

Baluchistan Freedom Statement

Baluchistan Freedom Statement

Senior Baluch military leaders of BLA and BLF and other freedom groups are believed to have turned sharply to start invading Pakistan to overthrow Pervez Musharraf, and have started to gain the upper hand in persuading the International Community that such a mission should not be postponed, preferably indefinitely.

The joint chiefs of staff have assured the International Community their forces could successfully invade Pakistan if instructed. But others have warned that such an invasion would be extremely fraught, given the Baluch National resources depleted by the war in the 1960 and 1970s with Pakistan.

One of the factors most alarming the generals is the possibility that their troops could be drawn into street fighting in Rawalpendi and Islamabad, without support from the local population, leading to heavy Baluch casualties. This ties in with long-standing fears that Musharraf might use such a moment to unleash biological or chemical weapons or attack us and indian forces with nuclear weapons. Anything is possible from such fraudulent corrupt backward people of Pakistani establishment.

Their instinctive caution has been strengthened by Operation on Baluchistan Freedom, a highly secret war game recently played by senior officials, details of whichhave begun to leak out. It revealed that shortages of equipment could seriously hamper the operation and endanger the lives of Baluch Solders and Punjabi civilians.

The truth this that "The Baluch, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashtoon people hate Pervez Musharraf," the cost of Baluch military ambitions is already starting to look for a way of to rebuild its declared policy of "regime change" in Pakistan.

Some military sources believe that, even though special forces are now thinly stretched, the Baluch and some internal loyal's of Musharraf Army will switch to covert operations to try to loosen Musharraf's grip on power.

Pervez Musharraf's military of militant recruits is a major threat to the International community. We've studied the way the Dictator of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf has continued to mastermind the international community. It is very clear the Musharraf has gone to furthermost extent with all his abilities to make sure his crimes are not unmasked and has convinced himself that he perhaps has done that and the rest of the world is just going to fall back and for get about it.

General Pervez Musharraf history from September 11 until now is very clear in each and every news statement we see that he is pushing for something as if he is trying to hide something. I have noticed during these times China, Iran, North Korea and Syria have gotten better and better relations with Pakistan and the activities of chinese intelligence has grown to a maximum in the area to study the area further in fears of an American interference perhaps the Chinese are preparing for a war?

The only thing one could imagine is could there be a possible allied war against the western and India in the region?. The more we observe it and when we go further to explain to try to unmask the secrets of such establishments we notice that plans change and these masterminds reroute their plans to different directions.

I have come to realize despite anything; we are going to issue this ultimatum to the Pakistan establishment to withdrawal and remove its illegal forces out of Baluchistan. The forces of Punjab have been violating international Unite Nations treaties and have crossed international borders into Baluchistan since 1958. We do not welcome these forces in Baluchistan and if they are killed they are killed as trespassers.

Pakistan can expect to get attacked from every angle possible from here-on as it has decided to continue to harm the safety and security of our people in Baluchistan leaving us no choice but to respond. Pakistan has refused every peaceful resolution to work things out and share power between Baluchistan and Punjab and we simply do not want to be part of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The Democratic State of Baluchistan will continue to proceed through.
Message to the President of Pakistan.

General Musharraf this is not the 60 and 70 where you can do anything and everything and get away with it. The next talks will be held internationally to resolve the issue of the illegal forces of your establishment in Baluchistan. It has been your every attempt with the help of Iranian Ayatollahs to crush any formations. Baluch Nation is clearly indicating that the road map is to end slavery and move more toward democracy and freedom.

I can not help but wonder when you use the term "Nation" in almost all of you speech's. Who do you call a "Nation" the Pakistan that we know of and understand is a formulation of Baluch Nation, Sindhi Nation, Pashtoon's and Punjabis" do you formulate the term nation as "Islamic Nation" or "Punjabi Nation"; as far as the international community knows and the rest of the people in the so-called Pakistan the Baluch Nation has never been part of Pakistan.

Pervez Musharraf's ISI is actively searching and blowing up Shiite Mosques to root conflict between certain groups; for the Musharraf Army to continue trouble free with missions in Kashmir, NWFP, Sindh and Baluchistan.

The Baluchistan National Party BNP has opposed and will continue through with operation to halt evil plans of Pakistani establishments terrorist activities in Baluchistan. BNP the most powerful has to further continue to investigate the evil aims and objectives to better serve Baluch Nation and we would only know further details if we'd speak directly with leaders of Baluchistan BNP.

In Baluchistan, sindh, NWFP and Punjab other minor Parties have actively worked their way through to support the cause of uprooting the terrorist establishment of Musharraf system in the last few months and will continue operations at a wide range.

The Government of Baluchistan in Exile is to eliminate the enemy of Peace and Freedom. Pakistan's Islamic Nuclear bombs are a major security risk and furthermore we will continue to notice that Pervez Musharraf's government is collapsing daily. Who will safe guard those Islamic Nuclear bombs and biological weapons of mass destruction?.

General Pervez Musharraf still has not withdrawn his forces from so-called Azad Kashmir to had it over to the legitimate leadership of India on a peaceful resolution. Let us not forget since 1946 these people have been in dispute with each other over religion and as observed; General Pervez Musharraf continues to pose major security threats to the Kashmir's and Baluch Nation in Baluchistan after reading this article and will continue to test more missiles and other submission of such nature are common policy to expect from a Dictator.

Resolution is to uproot Pakistan within the next 2 years. Experts say it is possible and we are confident that it is only alternative to resolve the issues that reflect us. The homeland of Baluch Nation has no place for the "Axe of Evil" which is Pakistan and every effort is underway to uproot the Pakistani establishment.

Malek Rend (The Messenger)
Date: March 22, 2005


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salam may dostie britha.allah shomara salmat bikanat.we r also with u.baloch zindabad ,balochistan saabaz bat.
qambar baloch

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At 6:15 AM, Blogger naveen said...

baloch zindabad, the time has come to take this fire of pakistan,s creulty in the heart of every baloch. everyone cannot pick up a gun sprad your ideas because ideas never die insha allah we will be a free nation oneday


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