Thursday, March 03, 2005



We the BALOCH are having a history on which we are pride that we always gave respect to our ladies. It is also true the BALOCH always gave esteem and honour to their ladies as well as the ladies of the other tribes even the women of enemies.

The BALOCH history is evident that if a person kills another person and if the women of the accused go to the house of the defendant the murder will be forgiven in the regard of the women. We have a bright history in this regard. Whether in the shape of the Mayee Bibo sister of Ahemed Khan, who was a great warrior, or Mayee Janthi for her camels the rind and lashr fought for 30 years or whether she is the wife of Malik Khathi, who in the absence of her husband given shelter to Humayun Mughal and his wife Begum Hameeda.

In the light of this graceful history now today our heads are turned down with shame when the Punjabi police with their drama, attacked the New Kahan in Quetta on Western bypass 26th February 2005. The police attacked on Marri Balochs at that time when their most of the persons were captured by this police before and the rest of the men were out of their homes for the purpose to earn something for their kiths and keens. Every Marri Baloch’s home had mostly the women, the children with old age men. The raid started at the time of 2:00 am when the weather was so cold and temperature was below –8 c0 and it was raining in the city of Shal all day and night. The vulnerable, hopeless, feeble and helpless Marri Baloch women and children were forced (by the police and army personals) to sit on the ground all night and their homes were looted by the officials of the Punjabi police and paramilitary.

Their household belongings and demotic animals were taken away, like their goats and sheep, hens and the police plundered even the grains, which were dumped on the floor. They did not stop here the women were brutally beaten who tried to stop all these happenings on the name of law. The police took three Baloch women after beating and torturing them brutally in their vans. When the vehicle was on its way the women were thrown out of the ongoing vans. The women were wounded and other five women are also injured. One of the women among them is very seriously injured. Their children were grabbed by their shirt coalers and thrown away, because of this brutal action of police one of the boys aged 8-10, has received injuries and his hand is fractured. The Marri women and the children recorded their agitation in front of the Quetta Press club on 28th Feb. The women and the Baloch Marri children themselves told the entire happenings and the miseries to the journalists.

According to the police they found many arms from this area but the reality is something else. The police claimed that so many guns, rockets and magazines and bullet (rounds) were seized. But here the question arises that if these poor and helpless Marri Baloch have the arms of more then Rs.3 to 4 lacks then why their women and children are far behind of good education, health facilities, and good schools even the nutrition? The answer is one that what ever was produced by the napaki police is just a drama and all the arms and ammunitions belong to the Govt itself. It is on record that in a case by the name of Atha Mohammad V/s Govt the police officer told the entire story that we (police) take the ammunitions from Taftan and dump them in Dashat and on the second day we with a big police and paramilitary troops dig those out and caught many Baloch. A boy of 11 was asked by the press that did u have any arms in your possession at your home. He said, “Yes! We had a knife, which we use for cutting vegetables but the police has taken that away and later on, on their state run TVs showed it as a Gun. Now we don’t even have any knives for cutting vegetables”. We think the words of this little boy are a big slap on the face of this ruthless and cruel Govt. It also proves that how the state run media in Punjabi Pakistan exaggerates knives into guns and make fool the whole world.

It is third day of the operation in New Kahan but these senseless and irrational nationalists are on fast (roza) in which speaking is forbidden. At this position when our women were dishonoured by the police, they just forgotten the respect of CHADER & CHAR DIWARI now it is our responsibility to remind them and get revenge of this not only from Napaki police but from each and every person who is the part and parcel of this Punjabi nation.

We are being forced to take the arms in the hands with a clear vision that we have to finish this illogic, illegal and so called Islamic nation not from the map only but from of the world. We should try to give them all what we received from them plus with the interest.




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