Thursday, March 17, 2005



By Malek Towghi, Ph.D.

Our struggle for the restoration of Baloch human,
civic and national rights has entered a crucial stage.
The regional and international players are less
obstructive, and the Punjabi-Urdu-Persian-speaking
tyrants of Islamabad and Tehran are more demoralized
than ever before. If our representative political
leadership plays all the cards well, we may be able to
catch the train this time ... the train which we
missed in the late 1940s and again in the early 1970s.

The international situation is less problematic for us
now than it was during the Cold War period. The United
Sates of America and other Western Powers have less
excuses for continuing their immoral flirtations with
the tyrants of Islamabad and Tehran, and also have
less excuses for disregarding our basic human, civic
and national rights as well as the UN and their own
principles and declarations which oblige them to help
and defend us against tyranny.

The tragedy of 9/11 and the discovery of Qadeer Khans
have made them realize that during the Cold War they
had put their eggs in the wrong baskets in the Islamic
World. The world is now well aware of the links
between the Qadeer Khans and Bin Ladins on one side
and Islamabad rulers and the most dangerous circles of
the Islamic world on the other side. The West, India
and the whole civilized world will sooner or later be
convinced that a Pakistan ruled by the
Punjabi-Urdu-speaking mulla-military-bureaucratic
complex is incorrigible, and that the only solution is
first to denuclearize the "Islamic Republic" and then
to allow the Baloch, Sindhis, Saraikis and the
Pashtoons to have their own Free Republics which may
voluntarily form a new South-Central Asian
Confederation (S.C.A.C.) or a South-Central Asian
Economic Union (SCAEU), friendly to the West as well
as India. This will leave the present Punjab province
of Pakistan minus the Saraiki lands, i.e., less than
15% area of the entity called Pakistan to be the last
and permanent (!) Pakistan. Such a landlocked "Islamic
Republic of the Land of the Pure" will be contained
and unable to play its blackmailing dangerous games
against the civilized world, consequently forced to
behave or perish in the dustbin of history.

Western as well as Indian think tanks have realized
that in order to protect their genuine interests in
South-Central & West Asia, particularly against the
al-Qaida madness, Persian-Sheite as well as Turkish &
Arab chauvinism, adventurism and blackmail .... and
against the dangerous Chinese intrusions above all, a
redrawing of some existing international boundaries
imposed on many oppressed nations within the Muslim
world will be necessary. We know that redrawing of
some international boundaries after the great wars of
our time has generally served the cause of freedom,
peace and prosperity.

More and more observers of developments in
South-Central-West Asia are realizing that the
emergence of a united free and sovereign Balochistan
flanked by the three free Republics of Sindh, Saraikia
and united Pashtunistan, comprising together 85% of
the land along with resources and 100% of the coast of
the entity now called Pakistan will be a plus for the
civilized world including the US, India and Japan.
These observers are realizing that almost all of the
Baloch, Sindhi, Saraiki and nationalist Pashtun
political and opinion leaders are eager to maintain
friendly relations with the West, India and their
allies. They also know that compared to the existing
Pakistan, the Four Free Republics of United
Balochistan, Sindh, Saraikia and United Pashtunistan
(or their voluntary Confederation) will be more
dependable and financially less burdensome.

It is so because the post 9/11 observations indicate
that within Islamic societies, the Baloch, Sindhi,
Saraiki and nationalist Pashtun psyche (like that of
the Kurds, Berbers, Azaris, Gilanis, Lors, Qashqais
and others) is more open to modern rational and
secular tendencies and much less infected by (perhaps
the last) major dangerous mental sickness of our time,
i.e., Islamic obscurantism and fundamentalism which
inevitably lead to backwardness, religious cum
national/ethnic chauvinism and eventually violence and

We are talking about circumstances favorable to our
national struggle. Internally within the rogue, failed
and illegitimate entity called Pakistan .... and in
Iran and Afghanistan as well .... , the situation is
more fluid and chaotic in our favor.

Let us thank God that the idea of a multi-nation
single federal secular state based on a voluntarily
and mutually agreed-upon social contract is as alien
to the ruling Punjabi-Urdu speaking
mulla-military-bureaucratic complex as it always has
been after the death of Mr. Jinah. HAM BHIY KUCH KHUSH
KIY, as Fayz has said. That the Punjabi-Urdu speaking
tyrants will ever apologize for their crimes committed
against the Bengalis, Sindhis, the Baloch, Saraikis
and the Pashtuns, for their repeated and ongoing
violations of the Social Contract based on the
Pakistan/Lahore Resolution of 1940 and several other
historic statements and documents uttered and signed
by the founding fathers of Pakistan, and for their
outright occupation of Balochistan and Pashtunistan
(NWFP+) by force and fraud .... that the Punjabis and
Urdu speakers particularly Musharraf, Altaf and his
MQM will ever apologize for these crimes will be a
miracle! That the Punjabi-Urdu-Persian-Turkish-Arabic
speaking Muslim rulers and a majority of their
intellectuals and opinion leaders will ever accept and
digest ideas such as those of social contract,
federalism, secularism etc. will be a bigger miracle.
Such miracles do not happen in the Islamic world of
its four core ruling groups: the Punjabi-Urdu speakers
of South Asia, the Persians, the Turks of Turkey, and
most of the Arabs. So, we the Baloch, the Sindhis, the
Saraikis, the Pashtun, the Kurds, the Azaris, the
Ahwazis, and others have no other choice but to have
our free sovereign nation states, first.

Another Good News: Both in Pakistan and Iran ... and
to some extent in Afghanistan ... Baloch nationalist
struggle is no longer isolated and limited to certain
pockets of the Baloch regions and communities. In
Pakistan, Sindhi, Saraiki and Pashtun nationalist
movements have matured and emerged more clearly and
more boldly. The four nations have more or less their
own armed resistance direct action forces. There are
signs of increasing mutual understanding, solidarity,
cooperation and coordination among the political,
intellectual, student and direct action cadres of the
four sister Baloch, Sindhi, Saraiki and Pashtun
nations against the common Punjabi-Urdu speaking

Within the entity called Iran, all non-Persian nations
(=60+% of the Iranian population and area), i.e., the
Azaris, Kurds, Baloch, al-Ahwazis, Gilanis, Dari
speaking Khurasanis, Lors, Qashqais, Torkamans,
Sahilis and others have become more conscious of their
deprivations, of the Persian exploitations, cruelties
and particularly of the Persian cultural chauvinism.
Meanwhile, these non-Persian nations are now more
proudly conscious of their own rich and unique
historical, cultural, linguistic and national heritage
and identities. All these non-Persian nations have now
clearly realized that no mutually agreed-upon social
contract exists that obliges them to remain under the
yoke of the Persian political, military and cultural

There are no signs indicating that the Persian
Mulla-Shahi will be more open to the idea of
multi-nation federalism based on a new mutually
agreed-upon social contract than the Persian Pahlavi
Shahi was. The mullas have continued the Pahlavi
policy of annexing parts of the historical Baloch land
to other provinces/ustans, of settling more and more
Persians within the Baloch lands aimed at transforming
the Baloch into a helpless minority, of not allowing
the Baloch to take actions aimed at preserving their
cultural, linguistic and literary heritage, of
Persianizing the names of places and persons in the
Baloch land and ... and ... . Other non-Persian
nations of Iran also continue to suffer from Persian
chauvinism in similar ways as they were during the
tyrannical Pahlavi regime. The non-Persian response is
common crystallizing in this demand: DISINTEGRATION OF
AGREED-UPON SOCIAL CONTRACT. This slogan is becoming
louder and louder among all circles of the oppressed
non-Persian nations of the entity called Iran.

The existing ruling clique of Tehran is isolated and
besieged internationally. It has also alienated its
own tradional (Persian-Shiite) constituencies within
Iran and abroad. Its outposts in Iraq, Syria and
Lebanon are falling apart. The Iranian as well as the
international Left that flirted naively for a long
time with the anti-American 'revolutionary Shiite
mullas' is distancing itself from them.

The most important good news is this: Our masses and
intellectuals have realized that for various reasons a
United Free Balochistan is not only economically
viable but has the capacity to become one of the
richest and most prosperous countries of Asia and
Africa in which there will be more than enough for all
classes of the Baloch nation.

Taking full advantage of these favorable national,
regional and international circumstances is the
responsibility of our representative political
leadership, i.e., the leadership of the Jamhoori Watan
Party (JWP) led by Waajah Akbar Khan Bugti, the
national Party (NP) headed by Waajah Dr. Abdul Hayy,
the Balochistan National Party (BNP) led by Waajah
Ataullah Mengal and of what i call the Khyrbakhs
Forces led by waajah Khayrbakhs Mari. We are happy
that these four groups have formed a 4-party Alliance
to lead the national struggle jointly. Along with the
Baloch masses and an overwhelming majority of Baloch
intellectuals and opinion leaders, we wish that this
4-party alliance will soon evolve into a single Baloch
Nationalist party with a single
organizational-leadership cadre on all levels. (I call
these four parties "representative" for obvious
reasons: Together and under different names in the
past, they have gained the majority votes in Baloch
constituencies whenever there were free or semi-free
elections since 1946.)

The success of these Baloch-based nationalist parties
to maintain their popularity among the Baloch masses,
intellectuals, students and Direct Action / Resistance
forces depends on several things which I may detail in
one or more future postings. One thing is very
obvious: all of us want the 4-Party Alliance to evolve
into a single party as I mentioned above. Until then
however, each of these four parties may take steps
which enable them to meet the challenge of taking full
advantage of the national, regional and international
circumstances in an effective and impressive way. At
this time, i have a particular suggestion for the
National Party.

The National Party is fortunate to have inherited the
Middle & Lower class-based organizational structure
and cadres of what was BNM. It however needs a more
dynamic and charismatic top leadership particularly in
this crucial stage of our national struggle. As the
Secretary General of the party, Waajah Hasil Khan
Bizanjo is the most appropriate personality. he should
continue to hold this post. Hasil has time and
capacity to grow and be a worthy heir to his great
father, Mir Ghaws Bakhsh Bizanjo.

In my humble opinion, the National Party needs a
change of guards at the top. Waajah Dr. Abdul Hayyy,
the President of the party , has reached the point of
diminishing returns far as intellectual growth,
political maturity, nationalistic zeal and popular
charisma are concerned. There are other points which I
do not want to discuss here. In any case, Dr. Hayy
should be thanked for his services and requested
politely to retire from the presidentship of the
National Party. It will be good for the Party, for the
Alliance and for the nation.

The National Party is fortunate to have more than one
able and appropriate leading member to replace Dr.
Abdul Hayy as president of the party. Any one of the
following will be a fine President of the party at
this time : Waajah Dr. Abdul Malik. Waajah Kachkol
Ali. Waajah Akram Baloch. Waajah Aslam Bulaidai.
Waajah Sanaullah Zahri. Waajah Dr. Ishaque Baloch.
Waajah Mawlaabakhsh Dashti. I am sure there are others
whom I do not remember or know. Considering many
factors and needs and knowing that the NP can have
only one president, I would have voted for Dr. Abdul
Malik, had I been a member of the NP !

Shah Latif Bhitai Says:


A Humble baloch,

Malek Towghi


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