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Small commentary from Dr Jumma Khan Marri

Small commentary from Dr Jumma Khan Marri

We would like to remind Dr Sadia Nasir, that your generals had always tried to stabilize Balochistan under the yoke of constant military operations since the creation of so called Islamic republic of Pakistan, such stabilisation are the key for destabilisation.

While you carry on the title of a doctor which shows that you have some educational level and from your article one feels that this article was written not by a doctor but a military general who always look blind and carry on with their blindfold ness until they have to raise their hands for surrender.

Although we Baloch also blame our Sardars for every misery but here you crossed us double fold by saying that Mr. Akbar is taking Money from the lands which he rents Govt that is right of every individual if he rents a house or a piece of his lands but it is duty of govt to look after the people from where the sources energy comes, yes if there is an agreement between govt and Akbar Bugti that Govt pays this particular amount for the public welfare then it should have been brought to notice of locals and Mr. Akbar should have been hold accountable for not giving the local people their due share.

Why under the haven it was kept secret for last 50 + years and now that Mr. Akbar Bugtis severices are needed which he refuses to render he became villain and the generals are so good they were giving benefits to the local people but Mr. Bugti took them for his personal use. Why such things were not made public before? And why the state thought for these poor people now where were they before during the last 57 years?

In this case under all international laws people have to hold the Govt responsible for their miserable plight not Mr. Bugti.

We would like to ask the army advocate Dr Sadia Nasir you blame few sardars that they did not allow in their areas any developments but where is the development in other areas of Balochistan where these sardars have no influences places like Makran Lasbela and all other places where Baloch sardars were behaving like lap dogs why those areas are still backwards.

Leave Balochistan aside, inside Punjab the Baloch populated regions are some of the most backwards areas in the world even though only few kilometers away from Baloch areas inside Punjabi populated areas the differences is striking then how would you explain this contracts do not fool yourself you know perfectly very well the reasons of Baloch deprivations and do not try to throw dust in our eyes Baloch are not blind but are weak politically yet but they are gaining the strength and they will one day explain your generals and autocrats who was steeling and robbing them into these miseries.

So far your already made Mega projects have given us only sufferings in the form of dam bursting and man made floods, what is in the end of the other mega projects we can only judge some thing like total invalidation of Baloch population in their ancestral lands.

Stabilising Balochistan!


Sabotage activities in Balochistan have gained momentum for past few months. Important installations have been targeted leading to insecurity and problems for people. Such as the early February blast of two high-tension towers of the single circuit 220 KV Uch Sibi transmission line near Sibi, which badly affected 17 of the 26 districts of Balochistan, resulted in 40 percent lesser electricity supply than the total demand of the province.
The disruption of power supply also resulted in a shortage of water in many areas.

Meanwhile, a railway track linking Quetta with Zahidan was also blown. Many such incidents have taken place, disrupting the normal life of common man. Even though the government has not launched any military operation against the so-called nationalists, however, since the rocket attacks on the gas purification plant in early January, the government had to take security measures to protect the Sui installations, which are among vital national assets and had to install security forces at these installations.

The installation of security guards has helped government in multi-dimensional ways by not only safeguarding the strategic national installations, but the security forces have also confiscated a massive amount of illegally smuggled arms and ammunitions from Afghanistan into Balochistan. The instability in Balochistan has been exploited by the foreign elements as well.

According to the official estimates the amount of money spent on those weapons in the past 10 months or so and the logistic support given to certain elements came to roughly about half a billion rupees, and these weapons are provided by the foreign elements, to deepen the chaos. The development of Gwadar port and other development projects could affect the economic, trade and other interests of some neighbouring states and also some of the regional powers, besides the vested interest of certain local tribal chieftains. Hence, the situation needs to be tactfully dealt with, so that the national interests and security is ensured and the situation makes it essential to keep security forces in this sensitive area to protect the installations and also to keep eye on anti-state activities supported by the foreign hand.

The government has done well to realise the reservations of the province and its deprived people and taken the right step by constituting parliamentary body to look into the matter and recommend the measures to improve the situation. The committee has been formed on the demand of Baloch leaders, some of whom have resigned from the committee even before reaching a final consensus. Such an attitude by the Baloch leaders exhibits their lack of will to cooperate with the government in searching for an applicable and just resolution of current impasse.

The Sardars as the head of tribes enjoy many perks and privileges however these privileges are not used in the uplift of people or to improve the quality of life of the common man. The Sardars, it appears, have become anxious to retain their freedom and privileges but the attacks on the national assets and other anti-state activities cannot be justified under any pretext.

For instance, Akbar Bugti owns land where Sui gas fields are located and he is being paid a handsome amount for the use of his land, but this money is not used for the people, he and his two like-minded Sardars have been exploiting. Over the period of time these Sardars have emerged as a warlord like Dostum in Afghanistan.

Some of them are maintaining their own lashkars, who have been armed with heavy armaments and are known to have despicable designs with the backing from a foreign country.

The irony is that these leaders, who claim to represent and speak for people, have never tried to improve people’s lot in the areas where they have authority. Instead whenever any development plans have been undertaken in their areas, these few Sardars have resisted the efforts fearing, that it might lead to loosening of their shackles over the masses.

The absence of political leadership has strengthened Sardars as Baloch spokesmen and the little political leadership that exists, has no influence among the common people. If this ongoing trend of warlordism and keeping of private armies is introduced, the country, God forbid, can face the same situation like that of Afghanistan.

Despite government’s initiative and efforts to hold negotiation, nationalist leaders’ especially Bugti’s tone is alarming and he has virtually declared war on federation. The government has shown flexibility and has gone to the extent of establishing a direct and indirect contact with Sardar Bugti, to resolve the matter peacefully and to avoid resorting to any military option, while ignoring the fact that Bugti is among the primary leaders accentuating and encouraging the anti-state activities in the province.

Although there is status quo in the province, and the rain-flood toll has diverted the attention, but the coming weeks are very important as the proposed constitutional package is in line with the parliamentary body’s recommendations, to resolve Sui and other issues, will be given final shape before the forthcoming National Assembly session.

Hats off for the President who wasted no time while rushing to the flood-hit areas and moving army and navy forces to the rescue of thousands of people there. The announced package would increase the quantum of provincial autonomy to redress the sense of deprivation among smaller provinces. It is to deal with the issues such as gas royalties, economic uplift, presence of security forces and safeguards against political exploitation of the developmental work in Gwadar. A political consensus should be developed on the measures that can be undertaken in this context and how the concurrent list should be revised.

There are no quick fixes available for Balochistan situation. The problem in Balochistan can only be resolved through political and economic means, not through violent means adopted by militants. The government is striving to find political solution to the province’s problems and has accelerated the pace of development work.

There is no relevance of the arguments being advanced by a handful of nationalists in opposing the mega projects including the Gwadar deep-sea port in the province. The developmental work on Sabakzai and Mirani dam projects as well as Gwadar port and Quetta-Zhob-D.I.Khan road linking Balochistan with NWFP is underway and will bring multiple benefits for the province. The government is also considering constitutional changes to give greater provincial autonomy.

Although it is moving in the right direction by paying due attention to the grievances of the Baloch people but they should be assured that the Baloch people will be the first to benefit in all fields of development. It will be helpful if government extends the much denied basic facilities like health, education and employment to the Baloch people and also should encourage indigenous Baloch leadership, independent of Sardars to emerge. This would also loosen stranglehold of the Sardars and will give greater autonomy to the common man.

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Please note that the article "Stabilizing Balochistan!" by Dr. Sadia Nasir is not by a Dr. Sadia Nasir has an MBA from Quaid-e-Azam university and is an MPhil student. I donot knwo how she got that Dr title. Please report that fake Dr Sadia Nasir to all the publications.


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