Thursday, February 10, 2005

Human Rights Violations in Balochistan

Human Rights Violations in Balochistan

BY:Shahid Baloch

Balochistan is one of those regions of South Asia where people do not entertain any of the fundamental rights; where Government is violating human rights. The problems of Balochistan are not new; Government of Pakistan is treating Baloch citizens as a stepmother from the day one. No matter if it’s the matter of education policy or the problems of health and jobs, people of Balochistan are always ignored. Our government always discourages Baloch youth, if they demand any development in their areas they are declared as rebels, no jobs are given and those that are given are no better than the posts like clerk or peon. No mater if its Education or Health, Baloch people are always ignored by the government and when ever people ask for any development it is said that Baloch Sardars (tribal leaders) are against it. Government on defence grounds occupies Balochistan’s long coastline. Military check posts outnumber universities, hospitals and other fundamental necessities. Building check posts is considered as a development by government. Occupying “Gawader Baloch port” on the grounds of development and settling non Balochis is a measure to out number the local people of Balochistan. Federalizing Gawader Port indicates that every beneficial thing of Balochistan is of federate. Blockage in building Gawader port will increase because people of Balochistan are awoken, they now know that who is supporting them and who is against them. All the military check posts should be terminated and the allotments of the land of Gawader port should be canceled and should be spared for Baloch people.

Government has crop up the entire situation in Sui, it has made its grounds to assemble more military cantonments. This is done just to get hold of not only Sui but other priceless mines of Balochistan as well, and only the federate will be benefited by it. Human rights will be largely violated if any military operation is commenced in Sui. The lives of Baloch women and children will be at stake. I appeal to all the human rights organizations to take proper notice of human rights violations going on in Sui and rest of the Balochistan.

Shahid Baloch

Baloch Community Network (BCN)



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