Sunday, February 06, 2005

Bugti rules out talks with govt

Bugti rules out talks with govt


LAHORE - Deadlock has developed between the government and Baloch nationalist leaders over the issue of Balochistan after resignations by elected Baloch leaders from parliamentary committees.

“Neither we are having talks with the government nor there is a possibility of this in future,” said Baloch nationalist leader and former Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Akbar Bugti in an exclusive interview with The Nation.

“An officer molested our daughter on our land. This is a stigma for us. Now that the lie has been exposed we are pondering as to how this is removed,” he added.
He asked: “How could such an incident have taken place if there had been law and justice in the country? And who has given them the right to bulldoze our people and molest our daughters,” adding “have they not learnt a lesson from Bengal?”
The Baloch national leader said the parliamentary committee has recommendations for resolving the problems of Balochistan, and it would have solved them if it had to do so, adding “those government officials who hold talks with us never returns again and whether it is Ch Shujaat Hussain or anybody else, everything is open to all.”
About attacks on gas pipelines, Nawab Akbar Bugti said: “Whether a terrorist is in uniform or without it, we believe that basis is the same. We have no intelligence system, (the government) should come and tell us as to who is doing this,” he added.
He further said those involved in acts of terrorism are “chips of the same block”, and everyone is aware of this.
Responding to a question, he said: “Whoever contacted us, we told him of our problems and reservations and asked him to present a solution of these. Tell us where is the hurdle in finding solution to our problems,” he added.
“If one (the government) thinks that we can be silenced at gunpoint, then come and do this. We are ready to face such a situation,” he said and added “the Baloch leadership and people have already made it clear that they cannot be enslaved.”
He further said the solution to the problems of Balochistan lies in practical steps and not in the formation of committees. “If they think that we can be pushed to the wall, we want to make it clear that we ourselves decide about our fate,” he added.
Responding to another question, Bugti said the Baloch leaders are very sincere, but everyone is aware of their (rulers) ill-intention in this regard. “Therefore, we know what we have to do and the government also knows what it has to do,” he added.
He asked as to why the provinces are not being given autonomy. He said every action has a reaction and every oppressed person can reaction any time for his fundamental rights.


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