Saturday, January 08, 2005

Pakistani Soldier killed as tribal insurgents’ rocket gas complex

QUETTA. SUI- A soldier was killed and eight civilians were wounded in a rocket attack by tribesmen on a gas installation in southwest Pakistan overnight, officials said Saturday.

Several rockets hit the facility at Sui, 320 kilometres southeast of Quetta, capital of Balochistan province which borders Afghanistan and Iran.
Paramilitary forces guarding the key installation responded with rockets and mortars and the exchange of fire lasted for several hours, they said.

"We have received reports that a paramilitary sepoy (soldier) was killed in the incident which happened late Friday," provincial home secretary Aftab Jamal said.
Jamal said eight civilians including a girl were also injured in the attack, which briefly disrupted gas supply to southern Sindh province.

The 5,215-kilometre Sui pipeline network is a major supplier of domestic gas and has often been attacked by local tribesmen demanding royalties from the company for the gas coming through their area and for jobs


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