Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Mush is threatening Baloch nationalists

Mush is threatening Baloch nationalists

ISLAMABAD: President General Pervez Musharraf has warned Baloch nationalists to stop targeting gas facilities in Balochistan, saying they could face dire consequences if they did not stop their attacks.

“Don’t push us ... it is not the 1970s when you can hit and run and hide in the mountains. This time you won’t even know what has hit you,” Musharraf told Geo television in an interview on Tuesday. He was referring to a 1970s military operation to quell a rebellion in the province by a group seeking independence.

“There are some sub-nationalists and some call themselves nationalists. And we are closely watching their activities. I have been warning them time and again. I warn them through you, do not push us,” Musharraf said. His comments came after assailants fired more than 200 rockets targeting a natural gas facility in Sui.

Press Statement from Baloch Unity

Dr.Jumma Khan Marri

Mr.Mush forgot that Balochi are also not in the 1970s and Baloch got also more experienced since than, in 1970s Baloch used hunting guns and weapons used in First World War like 303 but now Baloch has the power to acquire the same weapons used by Pakistani army so the situation is far better for Baloch then Pakistani army.

Today ,thanks to ISI, Afghanistan has more weapons on sale than any where in the world and Afghanistan is not far from Balochistan.

Today Baloch have power of Media and there are thousands of educated Baloch who can use any type of weapons, whereas Baloch will fight for their Just rights and Paki army will be treated as invaders.

Today Balochis have higher morale than in 1970s, we are more united than before, we have big Diaspora around the globe which will give fund and give their political support and they will fight in the world streets as protestors and will harm Pakistan more than our weapons can ,with in few months Pakistan will be accused by world as rogue state and violator of basic human rights.

We did not invaded Islamabad and we are defending our homeland our dignity our honour so if we die we are right and will get martyrdom if you die you go to hell as cruel invaders.

Mr. Mush ! You will lose , morally and physically ,do not do the mistake of Bhutto who could not find a dignified death even.

Today Baloch are strong with every thing their biggest power is their fearlessness and their moral power.

Musharraf says they can not hide in their mountains . What will you do ? Are you going to bulldoze those mountains ?
Your friend Bush also had all these weapons when he entered Iraq but today they do not know how to run from there it is easy said than down Mr. Mush be careful today's Baloch are not the Baloch of 1948.


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