Wednesday, January 05, 2005

KARACHI: Ex-minister backs mega projects in Balochistan

KARACHI, Jan 4: A former Balochistan minister in the Balochistan National Party (BNP) government Mir Mohammad Ali Rind has strongly supported the mega projects launched by the Musharraf government in the province , saying that these projects had paved the way of Balochistan's progress and prosperity.

The Mekran-based leader, who held the charge of fisheries in the junior Mengal coalition, was of the view the projects should not be opposed merely because of its launching by the army-backed government.

He recalled that the projects had already been approved by civilian governments in the past but political leaders failed to execute them because of their 'narrow thinking'.

Talking to Dawn, the former minister said that the present government should be credited for taking a bold step at a right time in the interest of the country, adding: "we should not ignore national interest for the sake of our personal interests."

He said it was the first time that the federal government was according due status to Balochistan by launching several mega projects simultaneously in the remote areas.


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