Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Eight defence security guards were killed in Sui

More killed in Sui


QUETTA - Eight defence security guards were killed and four
seriously wounded when heavy clashes erupted again between the
security forces and armed men in Sui area of Balochistan on Tuesday.
The exchange of heavy fire between the security forces and armed men
and use of mortars and rockets by two sides forced people of Sui to
take shelter in bunkers, while thousands have shifted to other safe
places from the area.
A rocket hit a compressor plant in Sui Field resulting in huge blaze
there. The PPL declared emergency in the area. According details,
heavy clashes again broke out between the security forces and armed
men in Sui area on Tuesday evening. Both sides traded heavy fire and
used rocket launchers, mortars and automatic weapons in the clash,
resulting in killing of eight defence security guards and serious
injuries to four others. There were also reports of casualties on
other side. There was a war-like situation in Sui. Power supply and
telephones have been cut off while there is also severe shortage of
water and essential commodities there.
According to reports, Sui is totally deserted, as employees of gas
company and a large number of civilians have started moving from the
city to other safe places.
More Frontier Crops jawans have been sent to the area in aid to the
security forces.
According to reliable sources, the Federal government has decided to
launch major operation in the area and this can be started any time.
Heavily armed tribesmen have also started arriving in Sui and Dera
The armed men had seized control of PPL buildings in Sui Field till
the last reports came in. Gas supply was cut off to all major
industrial units of the country.
SHAHZADA ZULFIQAR ADDS: The gas management announced to turn off the
gas supply from the plant in the wake of the damages to compressor
that may affect majority of Punjab province and some parts of Sindh.
An anonymous caller naming him as Azad Baloch, the spokesman of
Baloch Liberation Army, claimed responsibility for the attacks on
the positions of para-military as revenge against the gang rape of a
lady doctor within the PPL hospital at the hand of DSG personnel.
However the reports reaching here from Sui town claimed that seven
members of Defence Security Guards and one civilian were killed in
the several hours long gun battle in the Sui town, but no official
confirmation was available.
When contacted Mohammad Akbar, District Administration Officer told
this correspondent that the gun battle started briefly from both
sides of Defence Security Guards and Frontier Corps and Bugti
However after a couple hours pause, the firing again erupted that
intensified around 3:00 PM and continued till 6:30 PM. He said that
the Bugti tribesmen managed to enter into heavily fenced gas
installation area, but Frontier Corps succeeded to drive them out.
The firing is continuing sporadically for the last five days between
Bugti tribesmen and the personnel of DSG and Frontier Corps that has
claimed eight lives and injuries to over 20 persons and caused
extensive damage to twenty vehicles and to around thirty houses. The
reports put the death toll at 16, and 30 injured, but it could not
be confirmed. The rockets and other heavy weapons were being freely
used from both sides that has damaged gas pipelines many times,
however gas staff kept repairing them to keep the gas supply
The fresh gun battle started at 1:00 PM, but caused no causality,
however firing again started in the afternoon that turned fierce.
The rockets kept pounding the Sui town, turning the whole the town a
battleground, creating panic for the general public who remained
holed up in their houses.
One of the rockets hit the gas compressor that caused the leakage of
the gas and soon the gas supply was stopped followed by turning of
the purification plant. The report from Sui said that the armed
tribesmen managed to enter into the fenced area under the cover of
firing from all sides of the plant. However after an hour-long
battle, the reinforcement from Frontier Corps reached and succeeded
to drive out the armed intruders out of the plant area. The power
supply to the town also remained suspended for the whole day.
The report further said that the firing of rockets and heavy weapons
continued till late night between the two sides with brief
intervals. However no report about the causality was available
despite numerous attempts.
In the meanwhile a Press release by Pakistan Petroleum Limited on
Tuesday night announced that in the wake of firing by terrorists
that caused damages to gas pipeline in the evening, the management
of PPL had to shut down the purification plant of Sui field. It
further said that consequently the gas supply from Sui field has
been temporarily stopped.
It said that PPL management of the company is conscious of the
situation created by the anti-state and anti-people elements and the
gas will be restored as soon as possible once the situation
stabilises after necessary repairs.
It said that the firing caused damages to gas line within the plant,
resulting leakage of the gas, endangering the lives of the staff on
the duty and the people living in surrounding areas and the PPL
management had no option except to shut the supply till restoration
of situation and repair of pipeline.
ISPR: Meanwhile, ISPR said unknown saboteurs Tuesday continued
attacks on various key petroleum installations in the field of Sui
causing death of two security guards besides the closure of gas
processing plant as well as supply to power and fertilizer sector.
In a statement he said at about 4:30 pm, few miscreants under the
garb of taking a patient to the doctor approached Gate Number 5 and
requested for gate to be opened. Immediately upon opening of gate,
the miscreants stormed and overpowered the Defense Services Guard
personnel manning the gate, killing one and seriously injuring
In the meanwhile, more miscreants assembled outside the Sui
installations as civilians attacked watch Towers number 10 & 11 and
took their control from the DSG. The miscreants then targeted the
Acid Pipeline, Gas Purification Plant and residences of the PPL
workers housing their families.
He said Frontier Corps troops were moved in to save the situation
that restored the positions and pushed out the miscreants. The area,
he added is now under the Frontier Corps' control. PPL authorities
have temporarily shut the gas supply in order to avert more damage,
whereas today (Wednesday) they would assess the extent of damage
that has been inflicted to the Acid Pipeline and other facilities in
Tuesday's rocket firing.
The firefight has left two persons of DSG martyred and five injured
whereas casualties of miscreants are not known. It has been reported
that about 16 vehicles carrying miscreants from Kahan (Mari tribe
area) have moved to Sui who are likely to join those already
The Spokesman said necessary steps are in hand to ensure defence of
important installations of Sui and the protect the families of PPL


Silent rape victims

While one welcomes the Balochistan cabinet's decision to initiate a
judicial probe into the gang rape of a doctor working at a field
hospital in Sui, the incident needs to be debated from a far broader
angle that goes well beyond the scope of the inquiry.

There is an urgent need for such a discussion as rape is an issue
that society, with its antiquated notions of a woman's chastity
being central to family honour, is reluctant to bring up in the

If a woman is sexually assaulted, the affair is either hushed up or
the victim is blamed for deliberately provoking her assailant into
committing the crime. Worse, even the law is not on her side.

Burdened with General Ziaul Haq's legacy of mediaeval legal tenets
that can actually hinder access to justice, the rape victim may well
find herself behind bars on adultery charges if she is unable to
prove the crime against her.

Also, in many cases, owing to rampant corruption in their ranks, the
police often refuse to lodge an FIR against the perpetrators. There
are, then, very few avenues left open to rape victims, many of whom
must resort to the good offices of an NGO if they are to obtain even
a modicum of justice.

What remedial action can be expected when the state itself is
reluctant to take steps to root out the scourge in a country where
women are gang-raped on the orders of local jirgas? Perhaps the
answer lies partly in encouraging greater openness in society, so
that people can raise their voices against the crime, and women
receive instructions in educational institutes and public forums on
how to protect themselves against rape and on what immediate steps
to take if assaulted.

Obviously, the government cannot continue to be apathetic and
greater sensitization of parliament is needed to enable it to repeal
existing laws and pass more humane legislation, as it has shown
itself capable of doing in the case of honour killing. This is
absolutely necessary in a country where, according to one report by
the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, a women is raped every two

Killing of Bhaijan would create political vacuum in Lyari

By Aziz Sanghur

Assassination of Baloch leader, Anwar Bhaijan had shocked the citizens
as he was fighting against the anti-social elements in Lyari since

Chief of Baloch Ittehad Tehreek, Anwar Bhaijan had never compromised on
public issues. He was prominent social and political worker. He started
his political carrier as worker of defunct National Awami Party (NAP)
in 1970s.

He was born in 1952 in Umar Line in Sangoline area of Lyari. When Zia
had put a ban on NAP, he formed Baloch Ittehad Tehreek in 1985, aimed at
uniting Baloch communities on one plat forum in order to fill the
political void.

After the formation of organization, he had started struggle against
the establishment. A Baloch worker, Abdul Wahid Baloch was killed by
police in 1986 in Lyari.

Bhaijan had launched a campaign against the police, which had killed a
political worker in which area youths took active part.

The government was forced to set up a tribunal for holding inquiry into
the murder.

In 1986, Baloch Ittehad Tehreek had staged a demonstration against the
lack of basic facilities and unemployment in Lyari Town. The protesting
people marched in front of Sindh Secretariat.

The police used tear gas and baton charge. Police had arrested hundreds
of people. The people became angry and they blocked all main roads of

A member of Baloch Students Organization (BSO), Muhammad Aslam Baloch
was killed while protesting against the negative attitude of government
toward Baloch in Lyari.

Anwar Bhaijan was among several political workers who had been jailed.
More than one dozen FIRs were lodged against Bhaijan.

In 1988, a new disturbing element emerged in Lyari as rouge elements
led by Babu Dakait started their nefarious activities. Baloch Ittehad
Tehreek announced struggle against this gang. The gang leader threatened
Bhaijan of dire consequences several times but he did now bow before it.

The people's struggle forced Babu Dakait to leave Lyari. He shifted to
Iran where Dakait stayed for 10 years. When he returned, the gang again
started their activities in Lyari. Later, Babu Dakait was killed in

Anwar Bhaijan also gave importance to education he realized that the
youth of the Lyari should be educated. He requested Professor Ali
Mohammad Shaheen a senior Professor to take free classes of Law and help the
students in other subjects as well for this he allowed the students to
study and take classes in the Baloch Ittehad's Office. This is another
bold step to promote the youth of Lyari.

It was due to the gang-war that Lyari Town attained dubious character
of Columbia of Karachi. As several organized drug gangs were operating
under the very nose of the local authorities and the police.

Baloch Ittehad Tehreek has expressed concern over the activities of
gangsters, held the local police responsible for it. Area people believed
that without the connivance of police, drug trafficking could not

The most affected area is Ali Muhammad Mohallah, where about 50 armed
forces are roaming in the area. They carry rifles and bombs without
fearing of the police. About 15 to 25 years old boys are involved in the
gangster's activities.

Anwar Bhaijan complained that the local police was involved with the
gangsters, who pay them bribes. He made several complaints but no action
has been taken in this regard.

The gang was operating without any interference of the local police in
the area. They collecting bribe from shopkeepers and area's people.

They are not facing any resistance for operating. They made their own
law, which the people have to follow it.

In night, the residents have no right to come out their houses without
permission of the gang leader.

Last Friday, more than five gunmen riding on two motorcycles shot and
killed a prominent anti-drug campaigner, Anwar Bhaijan. Recently, he has
launched a campaign against the drug mafia in Lyari Town.

Turf wars and armed clashes among two professional gangs and drug
peddlers have claimed more than 150 lives for the last one year, making
Lyari a dreaded, forsaken place.

Bhaijan was popular in Baloch areas of Karachi for his work running a
campaign against drug traffickers. Drug abuse and trafficking have
increased in Lyari Town.


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