Saturday, January 08, 2005

Chief of Baloch Ittehad Tehreek, Anwar Baijaan was killed by drug mafia

By Aziz Sanghur

Baloch leader and Chief of Baloch Ittehad Tehreek, Anwar Baijaan was killed by drug mafia late Friday as he was returning his home after attending a funeral near Mewa Shah in Lyari Town.

More than five gunmen riding on two motorcycles shot and killed a prominent anti-drug campaigner. Recently, he has launched a campaign agaisnt the drug mafia in Lyari Town.

Turf wars and armed clashes among two professional gangs and drug peddlers have claimed more than 150 lives for the last one year, making Lyari a dreaded, forsaken place.

No other locality of Karachi is home to so many criminal elements, drug addicts as well as a plethora of civic and social problems as the city's oldest quarter.

Baijaan was popular in Baloch areas of Karachi for his work running a campaign against drug traffickers. Drug abuse and trafficking have increased in Lyari Town.

It is time the higher authority took note of the serious lawlessness in Lyari and deployed additional law enforcement personnel to crush the immediate threat posed to public life and property by the warring gangs. An all-out campaign against such elements is called for.

"Authorities have failed to apprehend the criminals responsible for the gruesome murders and spreading the great deal of panic that has gripped the area for months together" said Mahgul Rind, a close relative of Baijaan, while talking with this scribe.

She said the police personnel openly patronizing drug trade and maintaining links with peddlers should be taken to task.

About local PPP's leadership, she said that one thing was clear; the people who were elected through party less polls have failed to represent the people of the area honestly and fairly.

"While these people were agitating recently for basic amenities and better living conditions, their so called representatives played no role whatsoever to come up to the expectations of their electorates" remarked Mah Gul.


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