Friday, January 07, 2005

BSO, in the Baloch National Struggle

BSO, replaced Warna Waninda Gal in 1967. From that time the baloch youth have been trying to get their rights especially to defend their mother land and their natural resources. BSO has been the organisation which showed the right way to every Baloch. So many of BSO members were killed , hanged due to thier loyalty towards Baloch nation and BSO. But these killings , made the idea of BSO members more strong and they committed that they will not also scare to die for their mother land.

BSO saw so many ups and downs, especially when First time BSO was broken up as Awami (Anti Sardar Group). Some of the nationalists of that time were the responsible of the breaking of BSO , who gave them tickets to take part in elections.

BSO, created so many Baloch leaders who can be seen in s many parties especially in BNM. BSO from very first day has been saying that the struggling for the BALOCH , BALOCHI and BALOCHISTAN.
So many leaders then broke up BSO for only their personel benefits.

But now the Unity of BSO is necessary, because now our nation has been the most backward nation in any where. We dont have clean water to drink. We dont have hospitals , medical facilities where we should get treatment, due to the unavailability of this so many patients die in rural areas. The education deptt. is not functionaing in a good way and the british educational system has been adopted here. We r not being given education in our mother language (Balochi). The cheating has been spread by the punjabi establishment to make us only degree holders. Our women will be seen bringing water from many miles. So many Baloch's in aranji are buying their daughter and sons due to hungerness.

This all means that the saying of BSO is right from the first day that a sperate free Baloch society is needed . Fot this cause BSO , on different plat forms is struggling. Our all natural resources are being snatched , the sui gas is infront of you all. Which is fulfilling the all requirements of Punjab, their home requirements and industries are being run by our gas. The SAINDAK project has been given to china on the basis that China will get 50%, Pakistan will get 48% and Balochistan will be given only 2%. The gwadar project is to settle the punjabis in gwadar. We are not against development but we will be against sucjh kind of development which is agaisnt our nation and which is to snatch our everything from us.

The BSO is now near to be united, coz we think that we have been divided for the only personel benefits of sardars and other so called nationalists. Bu now we think that our problems are not o be solved without unity and we r now struggling to create awareness and also to solve the other issues.

Live Long Balochistan, Live Long Baloch National Movement.


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