Sunday, January 09, 2005

BLA claimed responsibility for last night attack in Sui

Security tightened around Sui gas field: Shops, bazaar remain closed

QUETTA, Jan 8: The security has been beefed up in and around Sui
gasfield and gas purification plant area with more members of the
Frontier Corps taking up positions in the area , following last
night's heavy gunbattle between armed men and law-enforcement

The situation in Sui township remained tense as most of the shops
and bazaars remained closed on Saturday. The roads linking the
gasfield and the main plant area were sealed by security forces by
putting barricades and movement of outsiders had been banned.

The official sources said that nine people, including two women,
were admitted to the Sui hospital who were wounded in last night's
gunbattle. The condition of two injured people was stated to be
serious as they had been hit by rocket splinters.

Many houses were also damaged in the exchange of fire. The clash
also killed a large number of cattle as a few rockets and mortars
also Hit residential areas.

"One house and a hotel were completely destroyed in the rocket
attacks," a senior police officer told this correspondent by phone
from the Sui area. Meanwhile, engineers of the Pakistan Petroleum
Limited (PPL) have started repairing gas pipeline that got damaged
in the rocket attack last night.

According to sources a portion of the pipeline had been badly
damaged, causing A huge fire in the pipeline. However, the
authorities concerned of the PPL plant in Sui claim to have
immediately closed down the gas supply to the affected pipeline from
the compressor plant.

"The gas supply from the affected pipeline to the main plant would
be restored some time late in the evening on Sunday as affected
portion of the pipeline has been replaced," PPL sources said.

RESPONSIBILITY CLAIM: Meanwhile, an underground organization, the
Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), has claimed responsibility for last
night's attack in Sui. An man telephoned newspapers offices from an
unknown place and said the attack was in the reaction to a gang-rape
of lady doctor serving in the PPL field hospital in Sui.

The elders of the Bugti tribe Wadera Elahi Bakhsh Moundrani Bugti,
Wadera Roshan Khan Hotkani Bugti and Secretary-General of the PPL
Workers Union Ghulam Sarwar Bugti strongly condemned the rape of the
doctor and alleged that an army captain and three members of Defence
Security Guards were responsible for this crime.

Speaking at a Press Conference in Sui, they said that despite the
passage of a week no action had been taken against the culprits.

They said such an inhuman act could not be tolerated in the Baloch
society that was why the people of Sui were demanding strict action
against officials involved in the gang-rape of the lady doctor.

They warned that if real culprits were not arrested then more such
incidents could take place in Sui and other parts of the province.


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