Saturday, January 08, 2005

Ban imposed on security guards in Quetta

QUETTA: The capital city police has immediately imposed a ban on
security guards, said Parvez Rafi Bhatti, capital city police
officer, on Thursday. Influential people were being accompanied by
dozens of security guards, he told a press conference, adding they
were terrorising the city. Gunmen were carrying Kalashnikovs and
other automatic weapons, Bhatti said, adding that they were involved
in various illegal activities. He also presented the 2004 crime
report and said he would hold another press conference regarding
terrorist activities in Quetta. Bhatti said there were 2,399
registered cases in 2004, less than the previous year of 2,491. He
said many dacoits and criminals were arrested or killed during
police investgations. Bhatti denied the murder of Karim Shahwani by
Quetta police, adding he had incited violence towards police
officials and injured a police constable during the process. An
estimated 154 smuggled or stolen vehicles were recovered during 2004
he said, adding none of the vehicles were returned to their original


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