Friday, January 28, 2005


By Malek Towghi, Ph.D.

The struggle for the Baloch national survival in the Punjabi-Muhajir-occupied Balochistan is now taking a final definite shape, with its inevitable positive effects on Western and Northern Baloch lands. It is now clear that the Baloch political parties, the Resistance groups such as the BLA and the BSO are determined never to allow the Punjabis, Muhajirs and a greedy faction of another ethnic group to transform the Baloch nation into a fading-away minority in its own homeland. The Baloch nation will survive within a clearly defined geographic unit with an overwhelmingly Baloch population.

Baloch intellectuals as well as our masses have now realized clearly and confidently that considering its God-given rich resources, its geo-politically strategic location and, above all, the healthy humanistic secularist approach of our people, a free Balochistan will soon become one of the richest nation states of the world while remaining larger than more than half of the UN member states.

Nations of different languages, cultures, geographic entities and historical background can remain in a single state only on the basis of a voluntarily and mutually agreed-upon social contract. Such a social contract remains meaningful and dependable in a secular federal or confederal constitutional system of government. Given its past 58-year experience, the cardinal principles of a re-written federal or confideral constitution of Pakistan have to be as follows:

1. The Saraiki regions now in the Punjab have to form a new federating unit; and the historically Pashtun areas dumped on Balochistan have to merge in the NWFP to become a federating unit called Pashtunistan, Pakhtunkhawa or Afghania.

2. The primacy of the Balochi lanuage in Balochistan, of the Sindhi language in Sindh, of the Saraiki language in Saraikia / Saralkistan, of the Pashtu language in Pashtunistan and of the Panjabi language in Punjab have to be recognized on all levels and for all purposes. All these and only these five languages have to be recognized as national languages. Only English has to be the official language and the medium of instruction for higher education to be taught along with the relevant provincial/state national language from the earliest stage of education. The Saraiki language will be recognized as the lingua franca of the federation replacing Urdu.

3. The limits of central federal authority are to be set by 100% consensus among the federating units.

4. Regardless of their size and population, all federating units will be represented equally in all federal institutions including the armed forces.

5. Any federating unit will have the right to secede from the federation for whatever reason.

It is now clear that the Punjabis and the Muhajirs like their counterparts elsewhere in the Islamic world (e.g. the Arabs of North Africa, the Sudan, Syria and Iraq; The Turks of Turkey and the Persians of Iran) are incapable of overcoming their colonial mentality and their primitive and reactionary chauvinism reinforced by their religious fanaticism. They are incapable of digesting the requirements of a federal democratic system. Consequently, they are incapable of understanding the need for a social contract on the basis of which the Baloch, Sindhis, Saraikis and Pashtuns can live together with the Punjabis and the Muhajirs in a single federal state.

For us the Baloch, Sindhis, Saraikis and the Pashtuns, as far as living together with the Punjabis and Muhajirs in a single state is concerned, the dream of federalism is dead -- killed by the Panjabis and the Muhajirs themselves. So, we have now only one option: moving decisively towards a United Free Balochistan flanked by three friendly Free Republics of Sindh, Saraikia and a united Pashtunistan. The remaining Punjab absorbing the Muhajirs will be the last and permanent Pakistan. Congratulations!

We are lucky that the international situation has taken a U-turn in our favor. We must grab this opportunity wisely, decisively, openly and unapologetically.

The oppressed nations of Asia and Africa no longer suffer from the complications of the Cold War. 9/11 has forced the West and the whole civilized world to revise their understanding of the Islamic world. This revision has led to the discovery of the Qadeer Khans of the region and of the intricate networks of Islamic fanaticism and terrorism, sustained mostly by the core ruling groups of Islamic societies, i.e. the Arabs, the Persians, The Turks and the Muslim Punjabi-Urdu speakers of South Asia.

The post-9/11 revisions and observations have also led to the discovery that there indeed are some nations within the Islamic world -- such as the Berbers, the Darfuris and their likes in Islamic Black Africa, the Kurds, the Baloch & Sindhis and many others -- who, though Muslim, do not share the inherent reactionary irrational anti-West, anti-modern and anti-democratic psyche of the Arabs, Turks, Persians, the Punjabis and the Muhajirs of Pakistan .... and that these oppressed Muslim nations may enthusiastically welcome the Westerners, particularly Americans, as liberators. This is what the Kurds did in Iraq, and the Darfuris in the Sudan.

Western think-tanks are also realizing that a positive response to the goodwill of these oppressed nations of the Islamic world serves the security as well as economic interests of the Western powers, particularly the U.S.A. For example, helping the Baloch, the Sindhis, the Saraikis, and the Kurds get rid of the Punjabi-Muhajir-Persian-Arab-Turkish tyranny puts vast, resource rich and strategically located homelands of these nations in the hands of sincere and dependable friend of the West.

Mainly because of the naiveté of a significant segment of Western citizenry and related democratic process of decision making ... and also because of some urgent security, diplomatic and budgetary concerns ..., the West, particularly the US may need some time to digest these newly discovered facts of the Muslim world.

Sooner or later, however, the West will conclude that in order to secure peace for itself and its friends in the regions concerned, the disintegration of the mega and mini multi-national despotic empires is inevitable. Sooner or later, the civilized world will realize that the so-called international boundaries of China, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey and the Sudan are as sacred and untouchable as those of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia were.

Redrawing of state boundaries and the creation of new nation states during and after every major hot and cold war in modern times has generally served the cause of freedom, peace and prosperity. The present War on Terrorism and the related cause of a much-needed Reformation in Islamic societies can not succeed without the shock-treatment of redrawing some international boundaries and of creating some new but real nation states in the region. The failed and sick states of Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey and the Sudan need this shock treatment. It might be inevitable, sooner or later.

My earlier reservations about identifying with American policies concerning Iraq, Iran, and Pakistan were based on my concern that President George W. Bush would follow a typically Kissengerian-Republican Cold War policy: that he 1) will betray the Kurds again allowing himself to be blackmailed by the Turks and some Arabs; 2) will simply aim at replacing the mullahs of Teheran with another Pahlavi (Persian) tyrant; and 3) will ignore the radically problematic, blackmailing and corrupt nature of Pakistan as soon as a tyrant in Islamabad surrenders to the US ultimatum concerning the Taliban regime and al-Qaidah. Thanks to many factors which I can not detail here, President Bush did not succumb to a morally questionable Kissengerian mentality. (hopefully, I am right!)

Now it is time for the oppressed nations (as well as genuinely secularist circles, if any!) of the Islamic world to openly and unapologetically identify with the War on Islamic Terrorism and with the cause of an ideological Reform ... both spearheaded by President Bush. They must ally themselves openly and unapologetically with the West, particularly with the U.S.A. I will confine myself to some specific brief requests addressed to the leaders of the 4-Party Baloch Alliance, the BLA and the BSO in particular and to the Baloch intellectuals, opinion leaders and activists in general.

The leaders of 4-Party Baloch Alliance, BLA and BSO should issue statements saying that they support the US War on Terrorism and that regardless of any possible geo-political changes in Pakistan and Iran or lack thereof, they welcome the Western/US presence in the region including the Baloch homeland, expecting that no Western, particularly US-British resource will be used against the Baloch cause.

These Baloch leaders should also say that if as a result of the continuing Punjabi-Muhajir tyranny the struggle for and the consequent establishment of a sovereign Balochistan become a reality, the Baloch leadership and the nation will continue to welcome the Western presence in the region, and will prefer to have closest military, economic, scientific, technological and cultural-educational relations and cooperation with the West, particularly the US. This, however will depend on the Western attitude during our struggle for the achievement of our national and basic human rights. The least we expect is that the West including the US will not allow the use of their resources to crush our struggle , extend moral support for us and condemn the militarism of Islamabad and Teheran.

As long as the US does not revert to a Kissengerian anti-Baloch policy, the Baloch intellectual, political, Resistance and student circles should maintain a policy of ZERO TOLERANCE for anti-West slogans and expressions and for anti-Americanism. They should also adopt a policy of ZERO TOLERANCE for anti-Semitism and ant-Hinduism in all circumstances. Any flirtation with the agents of Osama bin Ladin and his al-Qaida in the Baloch regions must be discouraged.

Waakaa karan' munjho wass

Buddhan' kamm Baroch-a jo!


At 9:35 PM, Blogger Farhat ullah said...

My grandeds have left their comments about that so nice,I as student say that we[whole baloch nation]must be united,,I am extreamly sorry to see the baloch nation devided in to groups,the classic example of that is BSO,that is devided into two groups,as student,as for as I think it is cunning move of baloch enemies,union is very must for us,other wise we will be fail in our mission,,For freedom of balochistan,w need personalities like,Nawab akber khan bhugti,and like, Malek Muhmmad tauqi baloch,these days living in America,Being a baloch,he has a great love and pain for baloch tribe,but unluckly he is leading his life in merica,I hope inshallah we will achieve our goal one day,
Farhat ullah tauqi baloch,

At 6:46 AM, Blogger Farhat Tauqi said...

Sorry for absurd comment.


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