Saturday, January 08, 2005

Anwar Baijaan Assassination : Baloch Unity Statement :

We Baloch unity ( directly hold Paki govt responsible for the killing of Baloch people and in particular such famous leaders like, Anwar Baijaan this is not first time such incidents are taking place in Lyari town with Baloch people, it looks like well planed act by the ruling elite in Pakistan to destroy Baloch peoples within.

They are repeating their such games without any strong opposition from Baloch people, there fore we request Baloch youth of Lyari and other organisations like BSO to unite their hands and protest strongly against this and many pervious political killings of Baloch political leaders on Baloch land.

If we keep silence and exchange letters of condolences nothing will change, these so called Mafia are created by organisations like ISI and other interested parties in Lyari lands to weaken Baloch resolve and slowly take from them what is left from city like Karachi, where once all city belonged to Baloch and today Baloch are pushed into the very dust bin of city, we shall stand up and fight every where be it Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab where ever Baloch are being pushed to the wall Baloch must resist and fight back with what ever available in their power.

We express our heartiest condolences to Baloch people, the family and relatives of the victim at this great loss of one of our brothers, and pray God to rest his soul in peace and give patience to his bereaved family.

Baloch Unity

Dr.Jumma Khan Marri


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